Phylicia Parrish

Jalessa Rogers | May 21st, 2021
Phylicia Parrish

Phylicia Parrish

Pride and joy in helping people is something that Phylicia Parrish carries with her every single day in her role as a real estate agent. Other attributes that define Phylicia are her discipline, work ethic, honor system, and transparency.

Born in Killeen, TX to two active military parents, Phylicia and her older brother spent their younger childhood years in Germany and different parts of Texas, until her parents retired from the military and moved the family to Virginia. Growing up as a military brat, Phylicia credits her parents with being sound role models and instilling within her the importance of being a woman of her word. Combined, her parents served over twenty years in the military, and it would have made perfectly good sense for her to follow in her parent’s footsteps, but life would have a different calling for her.

During her teenage years while living in Newport News, VA, she became the “big little sister” to her old brother as she had an inert nature to take care of him and protect him, something that is a big part of her business today. As a real estate agent, it is her goal to assist her clients with whatever need they may have, and ensure they get the best possible experience while working with.
While many may see the experience of buying or selling a home as routing, for Phylicia it more than that. She shares how often relationships and bonds are formed with her clients, lasting beyond the moment of closing and the ink dries on the contract.

With a lot of hard work and consistency, Phylicia has enjoyed a lot of success “I have sold millions of dollars in real estate while doing it part-time, but my biggest accomplishment is that every single client is satisfied with my service because I really care about them. My clients walk away knowing I had their back,” she says.

So how did the journey begin for Phylicia? After graduating from Woodside High School in 2004, she attended Thomas Nelson Community College until she felt like her time wasn’t being used wisely. So, she decided to get her real estate license instead. The hustle and bustle of being a military brat would again come into play, as it helped her to connect with her clients regarding relocating their family at any moment, something that happens with the purchase or sale of a home.

Today, Phylicia is an agent with Keller Williams in Richmond, VA. She says, “If you are looking to buy, sell, lease, invest, commercial property, or anything else, I am the agent for you. My niche is first-time homeowners, and sellers of slightly distressed homes. There is something so personal about helping someone find their very first home. Being able to focus completely on them and finding their dream house at an affordable is one memorable moment that we may never forget.”

Phylicia truly exemplifies her tagline “Virginia’s Favorite Realtor”. Her services are available to all of Virginia and Maryland under the Keller Williams Realty umbrella.
For further information and if you are looking for a home in any of the areas she services, you can her directly or visit her online.

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