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by Terry Watson | September 19th, 2019
Latorra Garland (Photos by G Garland Photography)

Latorra Garland (Photos by G Garland Photography)

Latorra Garland is a Culinary Artist and Head Chef at PieFace Soul Café and Catering in Dallas, TX. Born in Greenwood, MS but raised in Memphis, TN, her culinary specialties include Soul food and southern desserts.

Chef Latorra, of which she prefers to be acknowledged by, officially launched her catering business in August 2016. “I decided to go in business because I found joy and happiness in cooking delicious foods for others. I wanted to build a stable career in culinary that would allow me to be more flexible and involved in the daily activities that involved my children,” she says Fortunately, her found was deliciously enough to generate a clientele to support her dreams.

PieFace Soul Cafe and Catering prides itself in being capable to answer the call for any event. Some of the services they offer are designed for Birthdays, Holidays, Dinner Parties, Corporate Lunches, Cooking Classes, Private Dinners, Weddings, and more.

Cooking didn’t just happen over night for Chef Latorra. Growing up, and being the oldest of seven children, she had to learn to prepare full meals for the entire family. “My father taught me how to cook at the age of 13 and I learned to bake from my mother and grandmothers. Watching them prepare food for a large family taught me so much about the culinary field. My grandmother cooked three meals every day and witnessing how family dinners brought my family together is a feeling that still sits with me today.”

As a result of being in her mother and grandmothers’ southern kitchens, I mastered the art of southern desserts. I still use and treasure their recipes,” she says. She has even included some of their recipes in her self published southern desserts cookbook “Mamas Banana Pudding”.

The biggesgt perk from owning her business Chef Latorra says is the fact that she can provide services that makes people happy. “I love to see my clients happy when they eat my food. I love trying new recipes and adding my own spin on them to create a different and delicious taste. For the most part, I love all things food related.”

As a business owner, she also admits there are some challenges that come along with it. “One challenge that I face is building clientele in a new city. That alone has been a huge challenge. I have to get people to trust me and also trust that I can provide outstanding catering services for their event,” she shares.

For those who may be considering starting a business similar to what Chef Latorra has done, she offers a bit of advice. “Stay consistent and focused. Do what makes you happy and never give up on your dreams and goals no matter what distractions are thrown your way. Also, build a brand for your business and brand yourself from beginning to the end. Remember to always put your best work forward, regardless of the situation. Most importantly, you must continue to find ways to perfect your craft and never stop learning,” she said.

Looking forward to the future, she plans to make a lasting mark on the culinary world. “I am working passionately on my “PieFace Soul Cafe Pop-Up Dinner Club. This club will host a monthly brunch or dinner party and serve delicious Southern Food to the Dallas-Ft.Worth Area. It will allow patrons to experience my food before my restaurant opens in Summer 2020. I also plan to write several more cookbooks in relation to soul food and southern desserts,” she says.

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