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by Terry Watson | November 18th, 2016
Tamica Campbell and Agatha Grimes (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Tamica Campbell and Agatha Grimes (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

What happens when two independent women, who are loyal to their families and communities, who believe in being successful in business while always giving back, and who know that their steps are ordered by God get together? Of course you get, Pink Kotur!

Pink Kotur is the brainchild of Tamica Campbell and Agatha Grimes. Both Tamica and Agatha were successful cosmetologists, running and managing their own businesses. Tamica Campbell was the founder and owner of Kotur Kutz, a full service salon, committed to raising standards in the hair care industry. Agatha was the founder and owner of the Pink Cupcake Salon and Spa, a full service salon and spa that specialized in total family care. Each was doing well but realized they could do better. According to Agatha, “It was time to figure out how to keep moving forward without bearing the weight of sole business ownership. We both wanted to enjoy life a little bit more”.

Both Grimes and Campbell understood that being a successful entrepreneur didn’t always mean you had to do it all by yourself. With this knowledge and guided by the scripture, ‘And I tell you more: whenever two of you on earth agree about anything you pray for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them’ (Matthew 18:19-20), they set out to make this dream a reality. The two got together to form a partnership and open a combined salon that would serve the Greensboro community. They merged their individual salon names together, as homage to their prior businesses and the rest is history! Many said they couldn’t do it, that it wouldn’t work, but they didn’t let that negative speak stop them.

With determination to get it right and prove that it could be done, they worked together for several months on a plan to successfully merge. They set out their expectations and what each wanted and desired in this new business venture. Tamica noted, “It was important to put everything on the table since both of us had been used to managing all aspects of a business on our own.” One aspect of their merger that catches people by surprise is that they really didn’t know each other. They knew of each other, both being in the hair care industry, but they were not old friends. They started a business partnership with a common goal and a wonderful friendship emerged. They each think that this is likely the reason for their success; mutual respect, a common set of goals and genuine friendship that grew out of that plan.

Pink Kotur is not the African-American salon one sees portrayed in movies and on television. Walk into their salon any day and you are not only greeted by the salon owners, you are greeted by the clients. Everybody seems like family. The atmosphere is warm and congenial. You can get advice on hair care, skin care, life and anything in between. There is a lounge where you can relax prior to your appointment and a message board that alerts clients to all kinds of community activities supported by Pink Kotur. What comes across very quickly to all who enter is Pink Kotur’s singular goal to enhance a client’s outer beauty, by increasing their inner beauty. Both Campbell and Grimes are firm believers that beauty comes from the inside and cultivation of that inner beauty and spirit, in addition to a precision cut and style, is what keeps their clients coming back.

Client Lamesha Brock noted that, “This salon has always been about life first and hair second. We cover it all from marriage and dating to spiritual growth, managing finances and healthy eating. The friendships I’ve gained here are many, and sometimes, appointment or not, I come by because I know I will leave with a positive boost.”

In addition to providing a positive atmosphere for their clients, Tamica and Agatha seek to pay it forward by helping to train the next generation of cosmetologists and stylists. Pink Kotur is a seven chair salon and they are always ready to mentor a new or seasoned stylist. Walk in any day and you will see both Agatha and Tamica consulting other stylists on the best products to use, effective time management, the latest techniques, how to respond to a client request, etc. They consult with each other all day, recognizing each other’s strengths in an industry that can change like the weather. They both believe in continuing education and learning the latest and best hair care techniques the industry has to offer. They stress the point to all stylists at Pink Kotur that learning is lifelong and to be successful in this industry means to be ready for constant changes.

Another hallmark of Pink Kotur is the aspect of giving back, supporting minority owned businesses and helping to strengthen the greater Greensboro community. At any given time, Pink Kotur is involved in some type of sponsorship or community service. Most recently, in late August 2016, Pink Kotur was instrumental in the annual Back to School Hair Care activity sponsored by Influànce. This event recruits local cosmetologists and barbers throughout Greensboro to give up a traditional day off to provide free hair styles and cuts to underprivileged youth just before the start of school. This year’s event held on the Sunday before school started, hosted over 300 local youth. Not only did Pink Kotur assist with recruiting other stylists they recruited their own clients to volunteer at the activity. Client Alise Matherson stated, “My entire family comes to Pink Kotur, there are three generations that get our hair done on a regular basis. They always take care of us so naturally we volunteer to help when they ask, we can see the positive effect they have on our community. We think they’re great, so we tell everybody about Pink Kotur!” Throughout the year, Pink Kotur supports no less than ten activities through sponsorships or volunteer time. Both Campbell and Grimes say that community service is what makes them standout from other salons and keeps their client base growing.

Co-owner Agatha Grimes has over twenty years in the cosmetology industry. In addition to Pink Kotur, she works with Influànce Hair Care, works diligently in her church, and serves her community through membership in a number of public service organizations. She also served a seven year term as a member of the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Arts. Prior to Pink Kotur, she owned and managed the Pink Cupcake Salon and Spa and Bouvier’s Salon. Mrs. Grimes is a native of Reidsville, North Carolina.

Co-owner Tamica Campbell is a twenty year veteran of the cosmetology industry. In addition to Pink Kotur, she happily serves her community through partnership with civic organizations in the Greensboro area. Prior to Pink Kotur, she owned and operated Kotur Kutz. Ms. Campbell is a native of Greensboro, North Carolina.

Pink Kotur wishes to acknowledge master stylists Regina Mumford and Portia Hall. Both have been with Pink Kotur since the grand opening! Regarding their stylists, both Campbell and Grimes say they couldn’t ask for more professional stylists than these two. Additionally, Agatha and Tamica wish to thank Wilbur Artis of Influànce Hair Care. Artis introduced the two business owners and helped them see that a partnership would benefit them both.

Pink Kotur invites you to come and see what all the buzz is about! They are located at 1042 Westside Drive conveniently located between Bessemer and Wendover Avenue. Regular hours are 8:00 am to 6:30 pm, Tuesday through Saturday; other hours are available by appointment. New clients that mention the Huami article will be eligible for 15% off of their 1st service through December 2016.

Pink Kotur also invites stylists to come take a look at their 7 chair salon featuring individual work spaces, common client lounge area and ample shampoo bowls. Pink Kotur is an exclusive user and reseller of Influànce hair care products.

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