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by Terry Watson | November 16th, 2017
Patrycya Williams

Patrycya Williams

PK Williams Enterprises is a boutique company that utilizes the S.I.P.S. (Strategically Increase Promote Secure) method to enhance and manage the brand portfolios of entertainment, small business, profit and non-profit clientele. They provide a plethora of public relations, publicity, event planning, entertainment consultants, artist development, and marketing expertise. They also offer a “hands-on” individualized approach, ensuring success and exposure as they embrace the variances of each client’s unique talents. The company’s intent is to make sure their clients are treated professionally and afforded supreme sustenance while aspiring to reach their dreams.

Patrycya Williams, the founder of PK Williams Enterprises is a relationship cultivator, event strategist, and social broker. Her corporate expertise as a Marketing and Public Relations Manager in a Fortune 500 company served as a catalyst in building her own company. As CEO, she is multifaceted and instrumental in creating opportunities for her clients.

“I began in the music and entertainment industry in January 2010, but my networking and relationship cultivating began in 1996 and continued through my transition into the mortgage industry in 2002 – 2011. I started doing marketing and public relations for artists in January 2010 and that transitioned into managing and brand building clients images while creating events that enhanced their image through release parties, book signings, etc.,” she says. “We do brand development, event planning, securing speaking engagements, and creating public relations opportunities. I also scout talented aspirants for stage plays, independent films, and local/national television appearances”.

Williams loves to see people live out their purpose and fulfill their dreams. She also gives back to her community by educating and mentoring youth. She recently partnered with her junior high school Alma Mater, Joelton Middle School in Nashville, Tennessee to provide mentoring and tutoring services to students there. This is an opportunity that she is very excited about.

Making the transition to from being gainfully employed to self-employed was not easy. “Going from a substantial corporate America pay check to working for myself was challenging. I didn’t make my husband very happy, but he has always been supportive,” she says.

Instead of looking for a job, Williams decided to hire herself. She knew she could always count on herself and could never be fired, let go, or downsized. She looked at the need of the people around her to see how she could fill a void or bless others. “If I help enough people, God will continue to bless my efforts,” she says.

In September 2017, Williams brought something new to the city of Nashville, Power Moves Awards Gala. The mission is to celebrate and honor the leaders of the community for their unparalleled commitment to civic and social responsibility while raising awareness to citizens and entities for which the leaders advocate and advance across their respective communities on a daily basis. The event was held on the same day as the Tennessee State University John Merritt Classic, and sold approximately 250 tickets.

“To be able to bring together community leaders and our community on a day like that for our black tie event was monumental. It was well received and we were mentioned amongst some of the biggest names in awards shows in Nashville by one of the major local news channels. We were mentioned with the Country Music Awards, Dove Awards, and the Stellar Awards. I think we really made an impact and we are looking forward to next year,” says Williams.
She is currently planning her first annual Power Moves Awards Gala that will be held in August of 2018. There are also plans in the making to create a bigger online presence with partnerships and work with others to grow her mentoring program with local youth. Be on the lookout for PK Williams Enterprises and Patrycya Williams. They are making moves and making the dreams of others a reality.

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