Porscha Danielle

Tonya Tolson | January 17th, 2019
Porscha Danielle (Photos by Apollo Wonex)

Porscha Danielle (Photos by Apollo Wonex)

The beauty industry is growing by leaps and bounds, with several stylist gaining notoriety by social media and professional training. This stylist has been working in the industry for over 13 years and is quickly making herself known. Porscha Danielle began her journey as a self-taught stylist. At 34 years of age, she is a single woman and the owner of The Salon by Porscha Danielle in Greenville, S.C.

Porscha decided to go against the status quo and built a business based on corporate professionalism and natural talent. She was a computer science/business major who was on the path to a career in the technology fieldt at Coastal Carolina University. Although she did not have a passion for doing hair, a fellow student asked her to braid his hair. She actually could not braid hair, but quickly picked up the skill from a suitemate.

She started building her clientele from the students whose hair she did on campus. Most times when you talk to stylist, they always say they have been doing hair since their teenage years, however she never was that person. She only did her hair and never wanted to start in the business. Once she realized that she had a natural talent, she came to a crossroads and started to question her decision of college. She then had a conversation with her mother who encouraged her to leave Coastal Carolina and enroll cosmetology school.

While attending cosmetology school, she stood out as one of the top students in her class. During her time there, Porscha’s instructor chose her to participate in the Midwest Chicago Hair show. She placed first in the United States. Her impeccable skills were recognized and qualified her to compete in the World Hair Olympics in Russia representing the U.S. team. She competed against 136 countries and placed in the top ten, coming in fifth place. This was an accomplishment that let her know she was made for this business. She finished cosmetology school and graduated at the top of her class.

As her career began, she has worked with several stylists, learned different techniques, and grew her clientele over the years. Porscha specializes in natural hair, but is trained in extensions, color, weaves, and is certified to do all types of hair. She also offers services for men as well. She is a certified makeup artist who has trained with celebrity makeup artists and stylists, and has participated in fashion weeks in Charleston, York County, and many other areas in South Carolina, Georgia, and even North Carolina. Over the years, Porscha has been privileged to work with various celebrity clients in these regions also.

She credits her family with her success. “My mother, Gloria Davis, instilled in me my drive for this industry,” she says. Unfortunately, she lost her mother two years ago. She says, “When my mother was alive our relationship was ever evolving. We had our share of ups and downs, but because of her guidance and strength, I now understand what it takes to be successful. I admit that I did not realize the impact my mother made until after she was gone. As I reflect on the advice my mother offered, I realize she was giving me the strength and know-how for when she would leave me. This just made me stronger and more determined to make sure I made her proud.”

This also prompted her to move into her own salon in November of 2018. After working in several salons over the years, she realized that she could run her own salon with great success. She decided to open The Salon by Porscha Danielle and within just one month, she increased her exposure and raised her customer base. “I learned that my clients enjoy more personalization and privacy when it comes to their hair care. Clients have all types of needs when it comes to hair. I have seen many various hair types and assisted some who are dealing with hair loss from diseases such as alopecia, to a customer just wanting a personal hair session. Sometimes when you are in a salon you don’t receive the level of privacy you may need. By moving to my new salon suite, I can provide the level of comfortability that my clients are seeking.

As a businesswoman and entrepreneur, her drive comes from working in corporate America. She has worked in human resources and engineering. She declares that human resources taught her that all people want and deserve personalized care, while the engineering side taught her precision and skill. All of these factors have helped shaped her skill set and how she treats her clients, who she refers to as family. “I pride myself in making my clients feel like they are my only one when they walk in the door. I individualize all of my customers’ experience and educate them on their hair type, what they need to maintain their hair.”
Looking into the future, she sees her salon expanding into a teaching facility. “I want to give my knowledge to the new generation of hair stylist; I want to include classes not only in cosmetology, but also business management,” she says.

Porscha wants to give credit to her wardrobe stylist Benjamin Wright for styling her for the photo shoot. She also credits her brother Taurean Davis and family for standing strong throughout life. Additionally, she would like to send appreciation to all her family and friends that have been there and for giving her the strength and skills to be successful.

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