Precious Stephens

Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | November 15th, 2019
Precious Stephens (Photo by Todd Youngblood)

Precious Stephens (Photo by Todd Youngblood)

In life, there are those whose circumstances cause them to be counted out even before they really get started. According to statistics, Precious Stephens is one of those people. A native of Newark, NJ, she is the eldest of three children between two parents whose struggles often isolated them from their roles. By the age of 15, she was a parent herself. Considering the toxic environment she and her siblings were exposed to, the young mom took custody of her brother and sister, and began raising them as her own after she graduated from high school. In a few years, she packed up and relocated her family to North Carolina. It was her move to Atlanta, GA years later, that opened her eyes to the realization of affluent minorities creating their own opportunities, holding offices, and being assets to the community. She knew then that one day she’d have a piece of that pie.

Precious has always been an advocate of taking care of your body, mind, and spirit. She became aware of the importance of self-care while print modeling and affirmed she wanted to continue the lifestyle and share it with others. To do this, she came up with a business plan that would allow her to provide different types of counseling and consulting, such as weight loss, behavior modification and self-imaging. Next, she researched the certifications she needed and began working towards each one. Within two years Precious had received certifications and was ready to move forward with her idea. Coupled with her bachelor’s degree in psychology, she was anxious to get to work on her venture.

In January 2019, the entrepreneur, along with the help of her angel investor, Djuan Leverette, opened Precious Health & Wellness. The facility offers non-invasive liposuction, vaginal steaming, teeth whitening, cryoskin 3.0, waist training with meal plans, and the most popular service, an ionic foot detox bath. Her sister, whom she raised, is currently a massage therapist at the facility.

“Right now, the foot detox has become it’s own entity. It helps pull positive and negative ions through your body. It detox’s from your liver, your kidneys, your ovaries, your urinary tract, and other places in your body. The color of the water will tell you which part of your body you’re cleansing. And you’ll immediately feel the effects,” Precious explains. Once the exterior has been altered for the better, she boasts that the interior experiences a transformation also. The former psychology major spends additional time with her clients enhancing their self-esteem and pointing out how worthy they are of this renewal. Then she sits back to watch the caterpillar grow into a butterfly.

“The most amazing part of all this is after someone receives a treatment, she knows she’s a part of the Precious Health & Wellness team, that she’s not in this by herself. I monitor her and check on her progress. She gets counseling and constant motivation. I even send posts and things through Instagram to help keep them going. After that, she’s walking out of here with a whole different bounce, with her head held high, and promoting the services,” she says.

With the need for mental health advocacy in the black community, Precious sees that her clients are more inclined to open up to her now, than ever before. They’re ready and willing to talk about themselves and their emotional state of mind. She’s noticed that her clients range in age and are mainly women, but hope to appeal to more men one day, as they are in just as much psychological turmoil.

If peering in from the outside, it seems that this was a year-long task, but it has actually been brewing for five years, in her mind. She knew she wanted to provide these options to the community and wanted to pursue something she was passionate about. The slight hesitance was understanding the innerworkings of a business focused on health and how to provide for her family in the meantime. Precious Health & Wellness will celebrate their one year anniversary in January 2020 and the owner is already making moves towards her next project.

A month after opening the wellness facility, Precious and Djuan broke ground on another idea committed to helping the community prosper, and named it in honor of an aunt she holds dear to her heart. In five years Precious plans to obtain her master’s degree then her doctorate and continue serving the community.
Fresh ideas and drive are boiling over in the mind of this 35 year old boss. She’s proven that just because you start with a deficit doesn’t mean you can’t still win. It just means the victory is usually sweeter when the win is unexpected.

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