Pressing The Reset Button and Starting Over

by Terry Watson | July 11th, 2014
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

I live by a simple statement: “In order to love life, you must live it.” I know better now than to believe that some things will fall from the sky and land into to my lap. It doesn’t happen for me like that. I have always had to work just to get over, and for everything that I got, the getting part was real hard. I have accepted this to be a natural course for my life. I also understand that for things to be easier, every now and then I might have to press the rest button and start over.

My mama has always told me that an idle mind is the devil workshop. And because I’m not one to disobey what my mama says, I have always believed that. As foolish as it sounds, if I am not doing something I feel as if I am wasting an opportunity to grow. The down side to this lifestyle has often led to me feeling overwhelmed with the tasks at hand, and this has led to meltdowns that has caused me to feel as if failed at some point along the way.

I refuse to accept failure. I rather acknowledge it as a setback. As a Christian, I know that a setback is just an indication that God is trying to set me up for something greater. I believe that we are just as we see ourselves as, a follower or leader, a winner or loser, destined for greatness or looking for a purpose.

Every now and then give your life a once over. Maybe some things haven’t happened as you wished they would have, or when you wanted them to. Press the reset button and start over. Remember that God has a plan for our lives and we will never truly know our purpose and meaning until we get in alignment with His plan.

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