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Yasmine Regester | September 19th, 2019
Pretty Washington and Elliott C. Washington Jr. (Photos by B Smith Photography)

Pretty Washington and Elliott C. Washington Jr. (Photos by B Smith Photography)

The ability to obtain a mortgage, car loan, job, promotion or rent an apartment is all tied to one thing most people do not often think about – Credit.

Though established in 2016, Pretty Credit officially launched on April 25, 2017. Pretty Credit is a credit restoration company located in the heart of Greenville, South Carolina. Owners, Pretty Washington and Elliott C. Washington Jr. strive to help everyone achieve their finance and credit goals.

“The reason why I started my own credit restoration company was due to adverse credit issues I personally experienced,” says Pretty. “Unfortunately, I was told all the wrong things to do, such as contact the consumer reporting agencies (CRA’s) and by doing so the derogatory accounts on my consumer credit report would automatically be fixed. However, that was misguided information.”

In her experience, she was sent from one lender to the next and became frustrated because she felt that no progress was being made. So Pretty decided to take matters into her own hands and began educating herself about the consumer credit laws to find out what kind of rights we’re in place to protect consumers.
On her quest, Pretty sought the advice of a friend in California who had his own credit repair company. He gave her some useful information, including the computer software she needed to start learning how to fix her own credit. She shares the process lasted for nearly two years, but eventually she was able to raise her credit score from the low 400’s into the 700’s.

Pretty says most of her clients are seeking fast results and that only about ten percent have realistic expectations because they don’t understand how credit repair works or exactly what to expect. Though she explains the process from A-Z putting emphasis on the time frame and that it must not be rushed. “It takes time. It’s not an overnight fix. By law, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion have up to 30-45 days to complete the dispute investigation. Determining what is on your credit reports is the first step to determine the length of time it could take to successfully complete our credit restoration program,” she shares.

Pretty Credit provides a comprehensive credit restoration program that includes a free credit consultation. They also offer a paid credit assessment which includes a credit analysis report breakdown of all three credit reporting agencies. This credit assessment provides their clients with detailed information that’s weighing their consumer scores down. It also includes a customized plan of action, designed to help increase their credit scores.

One part of the credit assessment is to discuss budget and finances to ensure their clients can afford the credit restoration program. Pretty shares that a satisfactory debt-to-income ratio is required to successfully complete the credit restoration program. “Our goal is to help improve the overall credit rating of everyone that seek our services,” she adds.

For existing business owners and those interested in starting a business, Pretty Credit offers business credit services which are designed to help business owners utilize their company finances for their business. Business Credit is separate from consumer credit and the credit limits are astronomically higher. With business credit you use your EIN number and not your SSN for credit purposes. Most business owners or entrepreneurs don’t even know that business credit exist or how to go about establishing it. Our business credit program comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee that if you follow our instructions to the letter, your business will get $50K in business credit within six months or we will refund your money.

The most recent program added is called “Financial Fitness” which teaches consumers how to save money, get out of debt and utilize their finances in the best way possible. Our goal is to help our clients create generational wealth.

Pretty Credit’s target market is South Carolina, but they also serve clients in other states throughout the country.

Community outreach is an important part of the Pretty Credit business model. “Our main goal is to empower and buildup our communities. By engaging with people in community spaces, church events, and non-profits, they can work together to spread the word and tell other’s what good credit can do for a person,” Pretty states.

The goal of Pretty Credit is to have every client complete their program in (6-12) months. “We’ve had some clients complete the program in three months, but (6-12) months is the average goal. We want all our clients in the 700 plus credit club. That’s a good score to have to get some of the best interest rates and to lower your risk factors during the loan qualification process. It is not required to have an 850-credit score to get some of the best interest rates on the market. But if that’s what you want, then by all means go for it, but you only need to be in the 700’s score range,” she says.

Many of Pretty Credit’s clients are seeking home ownership. She advises them to ensure their debt-to-income ratio is low. By doing so, they will be able to get the best interest rate on their mortgage loan. After they get their approval letter and before closing. During this time, it is very important not to create any additional lines of credit. Any changes to a consumer’s credit report or finances can ultimately prevent a successful closing on a new home. Even more, consumers can save time and prevent a loss of credit score points by simply being aware of their credit status.

Clients are held accountable through a Client Success Checklist, which is an itemized list of action steps for the consumer to do in order to successfully complete their credit restoration program. It’s always the mission of Pretty Credit to give our clients the best advice to help them achieve their finance and credit goals.
What makes Pretty Credit different from other credit repair companies is their ability to connect on various levels with their clients. “Every client is like a member of our family. Building a relationship with them allows us to relate to each person, unlike some companies who just wants to get you into a program and take your money. We work with you every step of the way. By being accessible to our clients, we believe that it makes them feel more at ease. Our clients will always have an advocate in their corner,” Pretty says.

The newest addition to Pretty Credit is that of Pretty Washington is becoming a licensed realtor. In this role she can help clients get approved for their new home loan after completing the credit restoration program. “This means I get to be a part of the process from beginning to end and witness the joy of seeing someone buy their dream home. Most people don’t know what all they need to do — they don’t have a realtor, or don’t understand how lenders work. This allows us to be a one-stop shop for our clients. This opens up the process to people who may not be qualified for a home, but can come to one place, clean up their credit, get qualified and get to their end goal,” says Pretty.

Pretty is a nationally licensed Certified Credit Consultant. She has enjoyed a career in finance and credit that spans over ten years. She understands that in order to remain relevant in her profession and to be able provide her clients with the best services and results, she must continue to educate and equip herself first. She does this by speaking on panel discussions on credit repair, attending credit seminars and conferences. She has also served as a keynote speaker at the Credit Expo in Orlando, Florida. “I have a passion for this, and I absolutely love it. This is the profession that God chose for me to work in, which allows me to help people repair their credit, fix their finances and transform their lives. God is the CEO of Pretty Credit. If it wasn’t for my faith and trust in him, we would not be who we are today and for that I am extremely grateful,” says Pretty.

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