Promises Huff

by Terry Watson | July 21st, 2020
Promises Huff

Promises Huff

Promises Huff is a wife, mother, pet owner, and a whole lot more. She has positioned herself as a force to be reckoned within her community. She is also the owner of Speak Life Mentorship & Life Coaching.

The author and certified Life and Re-Entry Coach is originally from Raeford, N.C., but currently resides in Memphis, TN. She is a proud HBCU Alumni of Fayetteville State University and has held many licenses and certifications, including that of Certified Daycare Management, Licensed Cosmetologist in three different states, Licensed Paraprofessional, and Certified Life Coach of ICU Coaching Academy. She is a devoted Christian and member of New Direction Christian Church, and a member and volunteer in the communities representing Chi Sigma Delta Sorority Incorporated and Krimson Kourts Incorporated (Kappa Sweet since 1999). She is also a devoted member and servant of Beautiful Spirited Women (BSW – nonprofit organization) in Memphis, TN.

In addition to wearing many hats in the corporate world, Promises says she found her greatest joy in being married to her college sweetheart, Coach William R. Huff, and being a mother to their four beautiful, handsome, intelligent and talented children. She is also a happy dog owner.

Things haven’t always happened the way she would have wanted them to. Promises is a former Jailer/ Correctional Officer who lost her job in 2004 and ultimately her freedom. “I was threatened by an inmate to bring him a cell phone or he would bring harm to my family. I did what I thought I needed to do to protect them, so I gave the inmate the phone. As a result of my bad decision, I lost my job and went to jail. My bond was set at 1.2 million dollars. I was able to take a plea bargain to do a (6-8) month bid and carry a felony on my record for the rest of my life. If I didn’t take the plea, I would have gone to trial and been found guilty and given (15-30) years in prison. That was 16 years ago, but it has taken me that long to break my silence,” she says.

With experience from the law enforcement industry, Promises has developed and heightened her passion and vision to new levels. “They have been the motivation behind my desire to assist individuals and families to identify, establish, persistently pursue, and accomplish their goals and visions. I’m taking it a step further as I’m striving to guide and mentally rehabilitate individuals to adapt and take advantage of their second chance in life through the Re-Entry Program,” she says.

Speak Life Mentorship & Life Coaching addresses a specific arena of mental health, and particularly in the black community. They identify the walls formed from past beliefs and experiences that have blocked the focal and motivation to pursue and obtain a desired level of accomplishment or success. “We offer various products to assist in keeping focus on goals and dreams such as journals, planners, t-shirts, hats, and more. However, the meat of our company is our services. They are split into two categories, mentorship and life coaching. Our mentorship services are long term based. We guide and provide advice on various options to pursue. There is no intent other than providing valuable options and information to clients, in turn, allowing them to make efficient and effective decisions. Our life coaching services are more intentional and are short term based. Life coaching services focus on particular goals and dreams at the time. They identify the direction of pursuit and provide step by step coaching, motivation, and assistance to accomplish the set goals. The assistance we provide can be direct or indirect as we connect with other companies that will satisfy needs to meet goals,”she says.

Her business began in 2012 when Promises and her husband built an athletics program for a local charter school in Greensboro, NC. “Our experience showed us that we were not just athletic director and coaches, but we were mentors and were teaching and guiding our student athletes in school and in life outside of school. Our business became official in February 2020,” she says.
Promises credits Coach Stacy Bryant for having a major impact on her career. “Having her as my life coach and instructor, she aided in bringing me to the realization that my past did not dictate my future. Everything that I had been through wasn’t even for me, it was to help others that were and had already gone through similar situations in life and just didn’t know how to rebuild themselves. She made me understand once I was able to forgive myself and that the moment that I stopped caring about what other people thought about me, I would truly know what it was to be free and then be able to help others like me,” she says.

Her family and loved ones have also played a huge role in helping to make Promises dream a reality. “I owe a lot to my husband, my parents, and my Chaplain Sister. My husband has been my rider for a long time. After all the things I have been through in life, not once has he ever judged me or looked down on me with any shame. As a matter of fact, he has lost relationships with his family members and friends because of my past but decided to stick it out with me anyway. William has taught me the importance of stability, being bold, being confident and being able to love again. For a while, I considered myself to be damaged goods, but everywhere I hurt, he nurtured me. He rescued me when I was in distress and I can never thank him enough. Had it not been for the influence of my husband, I would have never been the licensed hairstylist that I am, the motivator and encourager that I am, and I never would have given the idea of becoming a life coach a second thought. He continues to push me into greatness and I am forever grateful,” she says.

Promises says her parents have always shown her what hard work, humility, integrity, unity, and the importance of family were to resemble. “My parents have always shown me what hard work humility, integrity, realness, unity, and the importance of family were to resemble. They aren’t perfect, but they are perfect for me. They have been married for almost 42 years and I truly admire their strength. My family is all that I have and I cherish them and appreciate all the love and support they provide for me,” she shares.

Promises says her God-given sisters Jennifer Scales and Erica Hayes Ewell have been the best big sisters that she could have asked for. “I don’t have biological sisters, but these women have seen me at my absolute lowest. When I have lost it all, several times, living from pillow to post they accepted me for who I was, flaws and all. Not one time did they ever judge me. They both light into me when I’m wrong and correct me in love, cover me in prayer whenever and wherever I go. They motivate me and inspire me to be better wife, sister, mother, daughter, and friend. They push me to be a better Godly woman with high standards and morals. They have encouraged me everyday since 2012 to write the devotional, and I did so with my husband. They made sure I understood that giving up was not an option and that if I wanted change, I needed to be the change,” Promises says.

Today, Promises seeks to help at risk youth, females and women who have been incarcerated or on their way out of prison/juvenile detention. She has written two books, “Broken Silence” which is about her prison sentence, and the other is “You Were Built For This” a 30 day devotional full of inspirational messages, co-authored by her husband and coach, William Huff. “I realize now that I have a voice and though it’s taken me 16 years to break my silence, I’m more than ready to help our youth get on the road to recovery. I know my purpose in life now and I want to be able to continue to help others do the same,” she says.

Moving forward, Promises plans to market the services of Speak Life Mentorship and Life Coaching. She plans to promote her books and conduct virtual book tours. She is also in the process of working with Rod Kirby and Kirby Media and Productions on turning “Broken Silence” into a mini-series or a movie. “Considering the fact, I have big faith, I am manifesting that Tyler Perry will take the time to read the book that I sent to him and work with me to get my story out there. I believe in Dokimazo blessings and unmerited favor and I will continue to pray, meditate and manifest that meeting with Tyler Perry until it actually happens,” she says.

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