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by Terry Watson | July 16th, 2012
Pam Green of PSG Event Management

Pam Green (Photo by Perfect Lenz Photography)

Pamela Green is the founder, owner and operator of PSG Event Management, a full service event design and planning company. The Sanford, N.C. native says she specializes in all the “fun stuff.” From retreats to reunions; anniversaries to retirements and weddings to church events, PSG is more than capable of handling it all. Each event is custom designed and tailor-made for each client.

The exploding business was inaugurated only four short months ago and although it may seem to be a bit “green” in relation to its founding, Pamela Green is certainly not a novice or a “wet-behind-the ears” business woman. In fact, she boasts over a decade’s worth of related education and experience. After graduating in 2001 with a degree in business management from Shaw University she took the first step on the path that would lead to an impressive career in the hospitality and service industry.

Green immediately landed a front desk position at a hotel. It wasn’t long before she had risen in the ranks past that entry-level position to hotel general sales manager, catering director and ultimately general manager. From there she gained experience in sales and market development for a major national firm. Before long she was recruited by another major player in the hospitality industry and subsequently returned to her roots-the hotel business. Nevertheless, in late 2011, within a few short months of accepting the new position she became a victim of the slow economy and was released from her job when the company was forced to downsize.

She was undoubtedly shaken by the abrupt life-altering event that had taken place, but she never deviated from her optimistic outlook on life. Her thoughts may have lingered in the uncertainties of what lie ahead, but she whole-heartedly trusted that God had divinely orchestrated that major life-event to force her into her life’s purpose. In addition, she says all the knowledge and information she garnered was invaluable.

“I truly believe things happen for a reason. If God had kept me on that job I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I’m certain I wouldn’t own my own business,” says Green. “I would have put it on the back burner. I would have been thinking about it, talking about it, but I wouldn’t have done it.”

It eventually dawned on Green everything she had been doing for someone else’s company; all the expertise she had, she could just as easily do it for herself. She took the initial leap and established the company. From inception, PSG Event Management has handled an array of projects and dealt with different customers with various event design and budget needs. She believes it’s important for contracted or potential clients to realize they are not relegated to have a mediocre or less fulfilling event just because there may be financial limitations.

Green recalls an extremely rewarding event she was contracted to coordinate. “I was able to work with a family who was struggling financially yet the husband wanted to do something really nice for his wife,” she explains. “He didn’t have extra income but with a monthly budget structure and a lot of ingenuity, I was able to create a memorable 30th birthday celebration for her. I knew when I saw the tears in his eyes on the evening of the event, this is what I was born to do.”

Regardless of the budget, Green says there is a level of elegance and professionalism that every PSG event will have, regardless. “You may have a limited budget but that’s why you have a great planner to do the thinking and ‘working out’ for you,” she says. “For example, you may think plastic tablecloths and utensils are cheaper [therefore the best route] for an upscale event, but I can get real china and linens for the same cost.” She is able to reach back and utilize the great contacts, connections and relationships she made with vendors while working in the corporate world. It all fits together perfectly producing a brand—the PSG brand, that is synonymous with professionalism and excellence.

PSG Event Management’s level of commitment to making sure a client is completely satisfied is unparalleled. Green is constantly thinking, strategizing, working, not only making sure her own company is operating at optimum performance, but making sure her clients experience a one-of-a-kind event giddy with excitement, yearning for the next. “I want it to be what you want it to be, times 10,” she says. She understands what a magnitude of a job it often is to pull off those near perfect events and does everything she can to make it happen. Whether that means going to bed at midnight planning or waking before sunrise still planning, PSG Event Management will get the job done. Not only that, but the company will supersede expectations. “I will under promise and over deliver,” she says.

Green’s creative and generous personality shines through everything she does. As much as she is interested in growing her own brand, she is equally committed to giving back to the community. For every event she books she sows 10% back into the community—whether through a local charity, giveaways or the like, it’ just her way of saying thank you. She regularly donates her services to many local non-profits.

No doubt the giving spirit and commitment to client satisfaction will insure the plans and goals Green has set for PSG will come to pass. Her goals are attainable and her strategies are meticulous. The end result should look similar to this: PSG Event Management will oversee and own a full-service events center as well as a vendor showcase center. Until then the PSG brand is growing and already spreading like wildfire.

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