Qweshanda Mauney

by Terry Watson | July 17th, 2019
Qweshanda Mauney

Qweshanda Mauney

Hailing from Columbia, S.C., Qweshanda Mauney is living her life the way she wants to; by walking in her purpose and encouraging others to do the same. She is a wife to an amazing, supportive, and understanding husband, and mother of two active, opinionated, and inquisitive sons. She is a licensed cosmetology professional, with over 24 years of experience in the beauty industry, and licensed cosmetology instructor. With this role, she serves as an Executive Master Level educator with Farouk Systems, the manufacturers of CHI and BioSilk products.

Qweshanda says she is grateful that God has allowed her to operate in that which also captivated her at a young age, and for such a long time. Now she is prepared to show her gratitude by giving and restoring hope to entrepreneurs and business owners that have faced obstacles.

Though things are sort of changing in regards to the way she does business, her approach and committment hasn’t. As the owner of Salon Q – Private Beauty Studio, she has decided to retire from behind the chair, and not accepting any new ones. She is also the owner of Q & A Cosmetology Association, LLC, and QLovesHair.com, which offers information and insight on various topics including ncluding beauty business strategies and host R.E.S.E.T. work sessions.
“I started Salon Q in 2010, as a residential private salon. My son had been diagnosed as autistic and began to receive home therapy. His sessions totalled 30 hours per week and required parental supervision, and forced me to choose between working at my salon suite, or closing it all together to focus on his needs. I chose to work from home and eventually converted our garage into a 400 sq ft salon space, and I never looked back,” she says. Qweshanda conitinued on this path until deciding to retire from the behind the chair in January 2019.

Her other venture, Q & A Cosmetology Association, LLC is an organization dedicated to the education in the beauty industry. It is approved by the South Carolina State Board of Cosmetology to provide Continuing Education Courses for our fellow Cosmetologists and offers mentoring and shadowing programs for other licensees.

QLovesHair.com was started in 2017 during a season in Qweshanda’s life when she experienced a few adverse physical conditions which encouraged her to explore other ways to make a living. She began by posting educational videos for her clients and fellow licensees on YouTube. This grew into more educating and mentoring opportunities, and assisted other industry professionals with creating and developing their own businesses and branding campaigns. She continued along this path, which has opened even more doors of opportunities.

Beauty Business Strategist (BBS, No BS) she shares was created to help develop and implement successful business and branding strategies for entrepreneurs and beauty business owners. She offers short- and long-term coaching services in business including starting, operating, profits, customer service, salon morale and comradery, and more. There is also a component that touches on branding which involves brand development and refreshing, video and photography, websites, and business stationary.

Love & Beauty TV™️ are webisodes that Qweshanda creates that are dedicated to the beauty industry that feature Master Beauty Professionals. In these she discusses various topics important to her industry such as hair and makeup, deregulation and professionalism. The information is obtained directly from the mouths of professionals. She also highlights many of the talented stylist within her community on the show.

There is also, R.E.S.E.T.™️, a curriculum created by Qweshanda. “I know firsthand how life can swing at you hard, often without warning. This is especially damaging to small business owners that deal with traumatic experiences. They are their business, so when they suffer, so will their dreams, aspirations, and businesses too. I created this curriculum to share my experiences and how I recovered from them. The work session is a 2 day curriculum that is designed to help other get back on track. “It’s tough, it’s in your face, but it’s effective and I’m so proud of it,” she says.

Qweshanda says she pours into the lives of others because others too have poured into her. “I experienced a lot of pain and rejection in this industry, especially in the first half of my career. After a major illness, I was going to walk away for good. I didn’t believe I had the training or the skill to be as successful as I wanted to be. When I reached out to others, doors were slammed in my face, literally. I wasn’t prepared for what came at me,” she shares. Still she survived and succeeded but know that something needed to be done so that others wouldn’t experience the same things she had.

“Something is wrong,” she said. “We have the skill, but we lack the life balance and business knowledge we need and it is destroying us and our industry. I want to help change this because we work too hard and give up too much to not reap the fruits of our labor.”

Being a professional hair stylist offers a few unique perks. For Qweshanda, she loves the opportunity she has to leave a little bit of herself with those she interacts with. “I’m blessed to help people who’ve lost hope, decide to give it another try. I get to help people reach milestones they thought they’d never see. Watching people light up with joy when they finally understand the power they have and being able to help people reach their goals is a very rewarding experience,” she says.

Moving forward, Qweshanda plans to go full time with her projects. She is currently accepting new coaching clients and is prepared to conduct her first live event for R.E.S.E.T.™️ this fall. She has recorded multiple episodes of Love & Beauty™️ and is in the editing phase. She is always looking to connect with other professionals who love this industry as much as she does

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