Rachel Snipes

by Terry Watson | January 17th, 2019
Rachel Snipes

Rachel Snipes

Rachel Snipes is a mother of two adult sons and a person who loves to do anything creative. “I sing. I dance. I teach. I like to sketch, enjoy listening to music and cooking a great meal,” she says. Aside from her creativity, she also likes to read and learn new things.

As a child, she was physically and emotionally neglected, and even molested. “I had low self- esteem and found myself in one failed relationship after another. I was in a very dark place, drowning in poverty, debt, and homelessness. The homelessness only lasted for five years, but I remember not knowing where I was going to sleep, or what I was going to eat. I went from house to house sleeping on floors, taking showers and living in shelters. Though at times it felt as if I was about to lose everything, God kept me though,” she declares. Those experiences brought Rachel closer to the Lord in ways that she never thought of. She developed a compassion for people who are lost and broken.

Self described as intelligent but not arrogant, Rachel shares that she can be silly at times. “I love to work hard and play even harder. I am known for doing things off the cuff, just to get a laugh from people,” she shares. She is a nature lover as well and says “there is nothing more peaceful than sitting out on her back porch, listening to the birds singing in the trees and spending time with the Lord.”

She is also the owner of Berachiah Consulting Agency, LLC. Pronounced “Bear-a-ki-a” the word’s origin is Jewish and is derived from Berakhah which means ‘blessing’. The name also has roots in the Hebrew culture, meaning “whom God has blessed”. She shares when she found the name of the business, it really spoke to her heart. “I feel that it really describes the altruistic core of my spirit.”

BCA is a party planning and event services company. The services provided involve helping their clients find a venue for their event, and connecting them with vendors who can meet their individual needs for music, food, and transportation. They are capable of producing baby showers, birthday parties, family celebrations, anniversaries, and romance packages. They also provide their own ‘in-house’ designs for every event. Rachel recently released a project called, “Tablescapes” which allow them to offer online design concepts through Tumblr.

BCA was legally formed on April 30, 2015. Rachel had attended a free workshop hosted by the Greensboro Public Library and the Small Business Administration, “How to Write a Business Plan”. It took her about ten months to write the business plan. Next she wanted to make the plan official and began inquiring about legalization. She found information at the Elon University School of Law Small Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic that helped to move her forward with legalization and educated her on everything she needed to know. The clinic discussed the pros and cons of various business structure formats and helped Rachel make her decision to move forward.

As BCA began to develop, she made a personal promise to the Lord. “I promised Him that I will share my testimony with every person that He allows me to meet in the market place,” she says. “The greatest impact in my life is the Lord Jesus Christ. Without Him I am nothing. It is the Lord who gives me the gifts and talent to create, the wisdom to run a business, and the opportunity to live a wonderful life. All of my praise and worship belongs only to Him because He truly changed my life.” She also credits her mom and dad, Apostle Bobby Mack and Almetia for being a tremendous spiritual influence in her life. In the darkest moments of her transition, it was their love and support that kept her steady.

Like most small business owners, Rachel has faced a few challenges. One has been finding enough operating capital. When the business began to take shape, she declares she only had a few hundred dollars, and spent them very quickly. She didn’t have any investors, nor did participate in any loan programs for small businesses. Her second challenge has been marketing her business. “It takes a budget to market your products and services. My ‘go-to’ resource for this is Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and any other forms of social media to get the word out about what my business is, and what it does,” she says. Rachel has also been challenged with developing a committed client base. She has done lots of pro bono work, and is patiently waiting for that client who feels the services she provides are worth paying for. Yet she remains focused and certain the day will come when she will be able to serve the public in a greater capacity.

In the future, Rachel plans to continue developing the ‘Tablescapes project,’ and expand her online presence through social media and develop a marketing campaign to sell custom designed centerpieces on a digital platform. She also intends to join a local merchants association and continue to educate herself on business management issues. “I also plan to host HATTACULAR III in 2020. HATTACULAR is an exclusive fundraising event held every two years to raise money for programs doing vital work around the issue of domestic violence.

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