Rachel Vasquez

Arielle Kilgore | September 20th, 2021
Rachel Vasquez

Rachel Vasquez

Throughout her life, Rachel Vasquez was never quite able to shrink herself enough to conform to the ideals and standards of others. A daring creative, unafraid to stand out and create her own lane, Vasquez is a self-made businesswoman, and serial entrepreneur focused on building her brand and expanding her career.
Rachel is the owner and creator of “Rachel V. Cosmetics”. Aside from her cosmetics company, she is a full-time esthetician and a loving wife and mommy of three. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Vasquez has always unconsciously stood out. She has been able to make bold choices in her fashion and makeup and express herself creatively.

There was once a time when Vasquez found herself struggling to fit within Corporate America. “I believe that there is a thin line in how you carry yourself when it comes to professionalism. But I also don’t think the color of my lipstick should determine how professional I am or how well I can do my job,” says Vasquez. This nonconforming mentality is what led to her inspiration to begin her business.

Rachel’s cosmetic company was originally launched in 2017 under the name “Vasquez Collection”. After a rebrand in 2019, “Rachel V. Cosmetics” was established. Vasquez was able to connect with an international manufacturer to produce her products after conducting the necessary research to create her formulas. Her cosmetics line offers lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, highlighter, and makeup palettes. As a full-time esthetician, Vasquez has also created her own homemade natural skincare line, including facial soaps, toner, moisturizers, as well as an oil and serum.

Rachel says it’s her desire to empower women through beauty and challenge the idea of what a “professional” image is. “That was my original reason for coming out with a lipstick line, to just be bold and let the corporate world know this is how you’re going to accept me… because this is how the new professional looks.”

Becoming a business owner is of course a challenge for anyone, but when you’re self-taught like Rachel, it can be even more difficult. She was raised by parents who taught her that working for someone would be the only legitimate way to take care of yourself. “I grew up in a working household where it was understood that if you don’t work, you don’t eat. So, when I wanted to become an entrepreneur, it was as if I was speaking a foreign language to my parents”, she says.

Despite the naysayers, Vasquez knew she was in the right line of work once she realized the joy and confidence she was bringing to her clients. The greatest challenge she experienced starting her business was getting people to believe she could do it. When asked what she loves most about running her company she answers, “I love how I’m able to transform people’s attitude, like being able to give them a product that makes them feel confident and encourages them to step outside the box with their looks.”

Vasquez says that she finds her inspiration from her three children; they are why she is so dedicated to building her business. Although it was initially a struggle to prove to her parents that she would be a successful entrepreneur, it’s important for her to change that narrative with her children. One of her number one priorities is to teach each of them that if they believe in themselves enough, they’ll be able to make anything happen.

Coming from her own personal experience, Vasquez offers some sound advice to anyone who may be looking to start a business. The first tip is to do your research; many people find themselves jumping into a business prematurely when they don’t understand all that comes with it. Her next advice is to be your own motivation; as an entrepreneur, when you experience those days when you don’t want to get out of bed, you have to push yourself. The final tip is to bet on yourself. We spend every day going to a job that makes someone else rich; why not refocus that same energy on you and your goals?

Exciting things are happening soon for Rachel V. Cosmetics. On November 14th, 2021 the company will be opening its first full-service spa suite in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This solo suite will feature all their products available for purchase and promoting their esthetician services. Vasquez’s next major goal is to expand to a manufacturing warehouse for her skincare line by 2023.

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