Randy and Demi Howell

by Terry Watson | November 15th, 2019
Randy and Demi Howell (Photo by Anetra Johnson)

Photo by Anetra Johnson

Randy and Demi Howell are the epitome of the phrase ‘Power Couple’.

The duo shares that many people think that being a power couple only consists of success and material wealth. “Both of those attributes are only surface components of what it takes to be a true ‘Power Couple’. By creating our own blueprint and going against the grain, we have defied all of the odds in marriage, business, and parenthood,” they said.

Working side by side for the last 16 years as entrepreneurs, they’ve seen it all while running three successful businesses, home schooling their daughters, and maintaining a healthy marriage. “We understand in business as well as marriage, we have to create a strategy that works for us, not the one society has in place,” they said.

They are most famously known as ‘The Root With Randy and Demi’ which is a talk show platform that focuses on sensitive issues they feel need to be confronted to aid in a healthy advancement in life, business, and relationships. Certain issues that may not seem to have an impact on any of those are many times the actual root of the problem and is their mission to expose them and analyze their root and come to a conclusions through conversation that will help to eliminate them, one person or situation at a time.

“As life coaches and truth coaches, we are purposed to help individuals and businesses to recognize the problem, find the source, confront the source, and derive at long lasting results via conversation with a full conclusion of understanding allowing for a more fulfilled future. We offer life, business, and relationship coaching services,” they said.

They began in 2004 after starting on a journey as entrepreneurs. They opened their first hair salon and used that platform to erect their coaching company, Howell and Howell Coaching. “Everyday we were faced with the opportunity to help others and that led us to transition our focus to coaching. With each individual, we began to realize that there are issues that are so sensitive or dark, many believed they are better to be buried, than to be exposed. With each conversation realized that through the exposure of demons, we can exorcise them and create a better quality of life, whether in business, or a relationship. These conclusions led us to take the driver’s seat and start confronting the issues in a manner that does not expose others but gives them the information through transparency that will help them to find a certain level of blissful peace,” they shared.

With all of their businesses, the couple says the love is equally shared. However, they say the feeling of joy that comes with helping someone remains the same.
Like most other businesses, there are a few challenges that come along with being an entrepreneur. One of them is getting their clients to open up. “Convincing a person to realize that living in their truth is an important step to freeing themselves from the strongholds that have been a hindrance. Every person deserves the opportunity to live as free as possible, and ultimately that is the biggest challenge, helping an individual to realize just that,” Randy says.

Randy and Demi are mostly inspired by the possibility of producing positive change through their works. When asked if they would change anything about their journey, their response is broad. “As cliche’ as it may sound, the world through a chain reaction starting with one person, therefore creating a new voice to promote the importance of radical change, and continuing the process until every person has the opportunity for the highest quality of life possible.”

Moving forward, their plans are to have their show and speaking engagements recognized on a national platform and available around the world. This they believe will give them the ability to fulfill their purpose and help every person that seeks their services.

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