Raneisa Gray-Johnson

by Terry Watson | May 7th, 2013
Reneisa Gray-Johnson (Photo by Reneisa Gray-Johnson)

Reneisa Gray-Johnson (Photo by Reneisa Gray-Johnson)

She loves people and she loves helping people find solutions to their problems. Raneisa Gray-Johnson of Newport News, Va. believes her purpose in life is to be a connection between people and resources. “The bible says that my people perish from their lack of knowledge. My goal is to be a resource to increase the knowledge of the people of God so they can walk victoriously in God’s plan for their lives,” she says.

At the age of 17, she married her first love. Before they made it out of the honeymoon phase of marriage, he was gone; killed in a car accident in just five months. With him, died her trust in God and men. She was a new soldier in the United States Army, 300 miles away from any friends and family. “I wanted nothing to do with God or anyone who knew Him,” she says. During this time, she dealt with the loss of her husband the only way she knew how; by burying all of her feelings deep inside. She decided that if she never felt anything ever again, then she would never have to worry about being hurt again. Although that worked, it did nothing to fill the empty space in her heart that her husband once occupied. “I began to live recklessly and carelessly. It wasn’t until after my second child was born that I started to calm down and go back to church,” she says. Not fully connected she still blamed God for taking away her husband.

Eventually she came to a place where she was able to help other people with their problems which allowed her to take her mind off of her own. She masked her pain by throwing herself into the service of others hoping that she would never have to deal with herself. “For years, I never thought about my own happiness or deliverance. I felt I didn’t deserve it and I surely wasn’t worthy. I shied away from prophecies and any position or leadership because I didn’t want anyone to look up to me,” she says. It was easier for her to hold on to the pain and the hurt; too scary to let it go. If someone started to get too close to her, Johnson would sever the relationship, regardless of the capacity. No matter how far or how fast she ran, God caught her. He worked it out so that she could not run any longer. “God placed me in a ministry that accepted me for who I was and never tried to force me to be something I wasn’t ready to be or could even see myself be. They prayed me through my anger, my hurt and my fear. Through God, they have lovingly walked with me through my season of healing.

Johnson launched RAM Legacy, LLC in 2012. She had always been able to connect people with resources, and began to think of ways to use her God-given talents to help others. She began by hosting an empowerment seminar for women called “What Makes Me Beautiful”. This platform allowed participants an opportunity to discuss various topics including HIV awareness and prevention, suicide awareness, depression, healthy eating and much more. The turnout and the information was great, but she knew that there was more that she could and should be doing. “I knew that there had to be a way to reach more people. There has to be a ram in the bush for God’s people. Out of that desire to reach more people, Dominion Authority Magazine was born.

Dominion Authority Magazine goal is to empower believers to walk in dominion in every area of their lives while also being a resource to encourage, educate, and empower all people by providing information and resources to broaden their understanding of the word via practical application. In other words, share the testimony of one person to encourage another. Johnson says she truly believes that knowledge and understanding is what will break the bonds and set the people of God free. The idea to start her business and magazine was birth almost 2 years before she actually started it. She came up with every excuse about why it would never work and why she was not qualified to do this. “I let my inner me tear me down way before the enemy had a chance,” she says. This was not the first business that she had started, but those did not prosper, mainly because she let fear have a larger voice than her faith. “I didn’t believe that I was good enough or worthy to talk to God’s people because of her past. I finally realized that my past is exactly what qualifies me to do this,” Johnson explains.

Her life has been most impacted by her children and pastors. “It is important to me that I am the role model that my children look up to, so everything that I do is done with the expectation that my children are watching me,” she says. “I don’t ever want them to be ashamed or embarrassed to call me mom”. She’s a member of a church family where the leaders lead by example. Even on difficult days and through frustrating times, she declares that her pastors exemplify what a genuine relationship with God looks like. It’s not about being perfect, crossing all t’s and dotting all i’s, but continuing to trust and relying on God through every circumstance, and recognizing that without Him, nothing is possible. “They have taught me that God is love, and His love for us never fails and comes without condemnation. They have helped me to understand that it is ok to be who I am, and to walk boldly in my calling,” she says. “Every day I find myself seeking God more and more; drawing closer to Him. I may never understand why my husband had to die, but I understand that even though he died, God was there to carry me through it all. Even when I didn’t want to be kept, He kept me.”

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