Release And Listen

by Terry Watson | July 15th, 2015
Terry Watson - Editor

Terry Watson – Editor

God has blessed my family yet once again with the birth of my nephew. When we first met all he did was stare into my eyes with a look of curiosity. I bet he was wondering who I am, and why does this guy look so much my daddy. Honestly, I was wondering the same thing. Twins!

Children are a gift from God. They enter our world, inquisitive and remarkably innocent. As they attempt to find their way, God instructs a village to assist them; that village being family, friends, teachers, neighbors, and others who deem it necessary to play a hand as they make their way throughout life. Only for a short time will my nephew hold on to these guiding hands, eventually being released to find his way of independence. As he is released, he must also listen and trust what he hears to guide him the rest of the way.

Just like a child does, as we mature we must learn to release and listen to God’s voice. Every trial or storm can be situational. Whether it be with our family, finances, health, mind, or faith, I believe that we play a role in how we get into them, as well as how they end.

While we are yet deeply entrenched in a battle, there comes a point where God tells us to let go and allow Him to work. By ignoring His instruction we only make things harder and more frustrating. Harboring the things that we can’t fix or handle will destroy and hinder us from prospering. It’s just a ill fated tactic or distracting tool that the enemy uses. When we hold on, we are virtually glued to a stop sign on life.

Release and listen for the voice of God. We may not like or even agree with what He tells us, but it is for our good. While we meditate on His word and seek Him during the difficult times, we will also learn some things about ourselves that possibly put us in these dark places initially. It is impossible to listen while we talk, so just release it to He who knows us best. Release and listen to what God is telling


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