Remeber Who Really Is In Charge

by Terry Watson | November 18th, 2016

Terry Watson – Editor

Now that the election season has come to an end, many people are probably disappointed because the person they voted for was not elected. Yet there are many who are probably feeling a lot like I am; relieved. The whole process has been exhausting and equally depressing as I watched how divided our country really is, and witnessed how we as a nation couldn’t appear to make a conscious decision on the things that really matter. I had to be reminded over and over again that no matter who we elect into office, God is the true commander in chief, and as long as I follow and abide by His instructions, everything will be fine.

It is in our human nature to compete. God gave each us of the opportunity to be opinionated and the ability to make our very own decisions. By voting we are able to exercise this freedom. However, when we as a people can’t reach a common ground on particular issues, God is capable of exercising His authority by stepping in and finding a way to resolve our issues for us, one way or another.

The lesson from this past election season should be that we shouldn’t invest too much into our fellow man. Man can persuade you to think a certain way, or to act a certain way. However, only God can save you. Man will tell you many things and present various looks, but God will never change. He is the same today as He was on yesterday, and He will be the same on tomorrow. Our fellow man will make promises and will quite often fall short of fulfilling them. God has promised that He will never leave us or forsake us, and that if we trust in Him, we will be blessed.

As our lives continue to carry on, believe it or not they will, remember to always keep God first. It is God who created this world in the first place. Surely He can’t be pleased with the mess that His children has so often made. Still we can’t allow our frustrations and disagreements lead us to destruction as a result of a political persuasion.

God governs our lives, but he gives us the power to make our own decisions. As we prepare for a transition of power, please remember that this isn’t a time to transition your faith or trust into anyone else other than He who holds all power in His hands. Instead, prepare yourself and mind to apply His works to this change.

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