Renew Your Drive In The New Year

by Terry Watson | January 14th, 2016

Terry Watson – Editor

Happy New Year!! God has blessed us with another opportunity to try new experiences and fulfill those left incomplete in the year before. A new year brings a sense of refreshment and hope into our minds. Refreshment for dreams that have been lethargic, and a hope to achieve and accomplish the impossible. To make these transpire, you must distance yourself from yesterday and renew your drive in 2016.

I recall a experience I had as a teenager. A friend had come to our neighborhood with a gasoline powered, three wheeled – all terrain vehicle (ATV). I had never driven one before, and up to that point I hadn’t seen one in person. Interesting enough, the surrounding terrain wasn’t ideal for an ATV, but that didn’t stop me from embarking on this new adventure.

I believe that I was most likely salivating at the opportunity to drive. The closest I had ever come to operating something like that was a moped. When my chance came, I was given a helmet and clear instructions on what to do and not to. I told my friend that I had it but he knew that I didn’t. Still, when he said go, I took off like a rocket.

At the beginning of my trek, there was a hill that I needed to climb with a nearly 60 degree incline. I was told to press down on the handle bars while climbing the hill. As I took off, I had got half way up the hill and before I knew it, I was tumbling back down the hill, backwards. My leg got caught in the right back wheel. I was alright. I got back on and took off again, but more determined. This time I pressed down on the handle bars, cleared the hill and conquered that which had delayed my new experience of driving an ATV. This only happen because I didn’t settle for defeat. I renewed my mind and drive to accomplish and achieve something that God knew I could do. I encourage your to renew your mind and drive in this new year.

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