Resaell Hayes

by Terry Watson | September 16th, 2016
Resaell Hayes (Photo by Howard Gaither)

Resaell Hayes (Photo by Howard Gaither)

One day Resaell Haynes and a friend were having lunch at a local restaurant. During the conversation they noticed a woman sitting alone and eavesdropping. Without an invitation, the woman joined them and offered her opinion on the topic they were discussing. The stranger felt so comfortable confiding in Haynes that she offered her phone number and address so they could keep in touch. She felt compelled to write the stranger, turned mentee, a letter filled with Bible verses and scriptures that would help her gain clarity on the issues she had recently been dealing with. “I really thought I was just being His servant,” she says.
The Winston-Salem State and new Liberty University graduate wasn’t sure what her next step would be or how she would pursue her idea, but she felt like she was on to something positive. Not long after her chance encounter with the stranger, she was led to invite a pregnant mother to her church. She prayed with her, advised her on the tumultuous relationship she was in, and encouraged her to change her situation. “That’s when I really felt led to do more. God wouldn’t let me rest.”

Finally realizing what God wanted her to pursue, Haynes visited the small business center at Forysth Technical Community College in Winston Salem, N.C. and registered her name, created a timeline, and started the clock. She challenged herself with tasks along the way and expected a roadblock around every corner. After meeting with a business mentor, she was able to check off each task, with confidence, and on time. Since this practice easily helped her achieve her goals, she now implements the checklist with her clients. “When I create a plan, it’s strictly for them. Its tailor made especially for their situation.” Haynes also makes sure to include Biblical principles in all of her plans. “If I don’t know anything else, I know that when you call on God, he answers,” she says.

The single mother of a nine-year-old son credits her life experiences for qualifying her to be a life strategist. Well, that, and her two degrees: a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies and a master’s degree in Christian ministries. Though her faith has always came first, her education was put on the back burner after giving birth to her son in 2007. She’d lost her drive and motivation for school and found herself being a mother to a new baby and a companion to her son’s father. Soon, she felt left behind, attending the graduations of friends who entered school at the same time as she did years prior.

Finally in 2011, she decided to fulfill the dreams that her grandmother wanted for her. Being from a small town in southeastern North Carolina, Haynes’ grandmother encouraged her granddaughter to get a college education and to be successful at whatever she decided to do. Besides, she couldn’t possibly raise her son to value learning and education if she wasn’t educated herself. After juggling school and motherhood for three years, she obtained her bachelor’s degree and was able to cross another milestone off her list. Growing tired of school, she thought she was done but God presented the two ladies that she mentored. They showed her that she could be an invaluable asset to someone’s life by just listening and sharing her own beliefs through God’s word. These interactions prompted her to pursue her master’s degree and she graduated in May 2016.

When asked about her main purpose for creating this women’s empowerment organization, Haynes boasts, “I want every woman who doesn’t know who she is to walk away from Beautiful Queen Enterprise having an identity and understanding her purpose. I also want her to believe that she is loved at all times and should be respected. Then she should be able to take the information I’ve given her and implement it within her family.”

Resaell Haynes loves what she does and enjoys being a humble servant while doing it. There is no question that God is first in her life while she helps navigate others through troubled waters. She welcomes everyone who seeks her services and lives steadfastly by one of her favorite scriptures, Isaiah 52:7 – “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good news…” I’d say she brings many amazing things.

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