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by Tonya Dixon | January 14th, 2016
Robin Stevens (Photo by Still Shots Photography)

Robin Stevens (Photo by Still Shots Photography)

Robin Stevens always dreamed of being an accountant and singer. It may have seemed like an unlikely pairing for many people, but to Stevens it would simply be a marriage of her two loves.

At 40 years of age and after raising her son, Stevens returned to college and followed through on part of her dream and obtained her degree in accounting. She had no reason to believe that it wasn’t the one thing she had yet to fulfill in her life.

One night while sitting in bed, Stevens heard God speak. He told her to write a modern day play of the Biblical story of the woman with an issue of blood. Without question or concern she immediately got out of bed, read the scripture and began writing. Within two weeks she had written her first stage play; cast with her fellow church members.

“I had never written anything before,” Stevens said. “At first I said the same things that I knew other people would say: that I’ve never written a stage play. That I didn’t know how to cast it and I didn’t know how to direct it. I truly stepped out on faith and believed that what God told me [to do] was true. The rest is history.”

Since 2001, Stevens has written over 45 plays and produced 19. Her success has had much more to do with her raw talent and sheer will and determination to fulfill her dreams than her technical knowledge of the craft. Admittedly, she has never taken a writing class, nor does she have any theatrical training. She researched as much as she could, but ultimately she had a direct commission from God. Obedience was her only option.
“I went straight to my pastor and told him. He supports me to this day. He connected me with the drama ministry at the church. I followed through, but the first thing the director said was ‘how do you know God was speaking to you? How do you know you hear from God?’ She wouldn’t work with me,” Stevens said.

The rejection was overwhelming. Support was few and far between, and attempts to rehearse or utilize the facility were met with hostility to say the least. “At that time leaders would either lock me in or lock me out and tell me to leave,” Stevens said. “I almost gave up. I said if I can’t get the support I need then I just won’t do it.” Giving up was never an option. Stevens says God spoke again; loud and clear. She vividly heard him say, “Stay and die or leave and live.”

Being involved in a tumultuous marriage, Stevens reasoned that the mandate referred to her chaotic and abusive marital situation. After seeking God, she realized she was being directed to attend another ministry. Remaining where she was jeopardized her ability to develop the talent and gift God had given her. She decided to produce her plays elsewhere.

Immediately, she found the support and assistance she needed. Moreover, her dreams of singing and performing resurfaced. Included were revelations of new plays, songs, books, movies and poems. “When I started writing plays, I would get song lyrics. I’ve always written poetry. I would get the melody, so I started writing songs that would be included in my plays,” Stevens said. “I just love singing.”

Gifted with song and music, she recently recorded her first single and has been making strides to rekindle the flame and passion she once had; even revisiting and redeveloping her childhood ability to play the piano.

In 2014, Stevens published the first novel in the “Delivered” series featuring the main character, Heaven, a waitress by day and mistress by night. Although Heaven is a fictional character, Stevens says there’s a significant message behind her sordid life.

“It’s a message of knowing who you are and not losing your identity in things and people. Heaven had lots of questions as a young girl. She didn’t look like her parents. She thought she would find her purpose in men. Later she finds out that’s not her purpose,” Stevens said. “There’s a lot of me in her story. A part of me is in every play. With Heaven I’m the part that doesn’t know who she is or who her purpose is and the young girl who dealt with a lot of guys. Thank God I know who I am and know my purpose. That’s why I truly want to walk in everything God has given me to do.”

Adopted into a Christian family at five months old and continuing to maintain a sincere relationship with God, Stevens’ projects initially centered on Gospel themes, but as she has grown and matured in her craft and her interests have expanded, she has delved into other genres, particularly contemporary dramas. Nevertheless she says there will always be a message behind everything she does.

And what she is doing is spreading like wildfire. Convinced that Heaven’s entire story hasn’t been told, Stevens debuted “Heaven” – a YouTube web series that picks up where the first novel leaves off – on Christmas day 2015. In the meantime, fans of the book, web series and character can look forward to the 2016 release of the second book in the “Delivered” series titled, “Heaven’s Return,” in the second novel a tragedy forces the seemingly reformed character to revisit her old, promiscuous ways.

An accountant by day and media mogul by night, late night, early morning, every weekend and every other available moment in between, Stevens admits she rarely rests, but she says she loves it all and it never becomes tiresome.

“I love it and hope to have several shows one day. Look for me to be the writer of the next blockbuster movie or a drama series,” she said. “It’s all about delivering a powerful message with entertainment. I try to deliver a message to inspire, encourage, help and sometimes to even offer solutions to problems.”

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