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by Tonya Dixon | November 11th, 2011
Toni Goins

Toni Goins (Photo by Howard Gaither)

It is often very difficult to see the tangible results of an intangible product. “I offer an intangible product and a lot of times that is hard for clients to embrace,” says Toni Goins. “It’s nice to buy the trendiest bags and pumps; however, if we don’t have money left in our bank account, our stilettos can’t pay the rent.”

Toni Goins can relate to wanting the instant gratification of “things” but has learned that wealth creation through strategic, long term planning will remain once the “things” have faded away. Goins is a financial planner and founder of Rich Girl Consulting – a consulting company that uses a holistic approach to financial planning. Rich Girl teaches women, while they can still have the purses and pumps, priority should be given to understanding the importance of short and long term investments; everything from selecting the correct insurance plan to purchasing a house.

Goins does not blindly teach principles she learned solely from a textbook or attempt to apply a generic formula for every client’s situation. On the contrary, she teaches, supports and endorses ideas, concepts, plans and strategies that she has applied to her personal life. The very same financial plans she designs for her clients are the very ones she used to gain financial freedom as well as maintain that status. Very often it is the trial, situation or circumstance that people struggle with the most that propels them to their destiny and purpose. Toni Goins is a prime example of that theory.

As a young mother she admits she endured stress due to her lack of financial stability and education. “I experienced moments of frustration and depression trying to figure out how I was going to take care of myself and my children,” she divulges.” It was because of her financial turmoil that Goins made a conscious decision to take the necessary steps to turn her situation around. At 19 years old she knew she had to make drastic changes. She had the desire and commitment, but lacked the support of those with all the information who could teach her about investing and financial planning. It seemed no one was willing to help unless she had large sums of money to invest-as if the amount money was an indication of dedication; a litmus test of sorts.

“I went to many advisors and they would not spend any time with me, they told me to continue working and save as much as I could,” she says. “I felt like my money was not valued (and it was not). I was trying to set-up a mutual fund with $50 and no one wanted to give me the time of day.” Given no other alternative, Goins began to educate herself. She learned about the economy, money and financial freedom. She became unrelenting in her pursuits. She read everything financial she could find, went to free seminars and workshops, watched CNBC, read about Wall Street and the stock market. She even returned to school and received a degree in business and finance. Encouraged by the inspiration and determination of her mother, father and grandfather (she calls them her success triangle), who all planted seeds of hope and reassurance, Toni Goins had the tools necessary for success.

Goins took control of her financial condition by devising a plan that fit her specific needs. Rich Girl Consulting gladly does the same for each client. She understands that other financial professionals would rather give stark handouts with facts and figures than take the extra time and concern to really provide customers with concrete information and the real assistance needed. In fact, while most financial planners discourage clients from talking about their emotions and money, Rich Girl works with clients from an emotional standpoint before the physical.

“People, especially women, are emotional decision makers and many times our emotions determine where we put our money,” she states. I work with my clients from an emotional standpoint first. I learn about them, their families, how they were raised; what impressions and fears did they grow up with regarding money? What are their passions and weaknesses? Understanding all of these helps me to better understand the choices my clients have made and it directly affects how they have structured their financial home. Some clients are not prepared to save; they don’t have enough to cover their existing bills.” Goins believes it is important to get to the root of the problem first. Is the client mishandling money due to unemployment or irresponsibility or simply lack of knowledge? She says all these questions need to be answered before financial planning can begin.

Goins wants to dispel the myth that being wealthy and taking control of your own fiscal situation is a secret club for men. The problem, she says, is that many women have no successful examples in their family and they don’t feel success is an obtainable goal and therefore don’t even feel valued enough to talk to a financial expert. Moreover, she says, “it is my job to let them know their current situation is temporary if they are willing to work hard to break their negative generational cycles.”

An atypical financial consulting company, Rich Girl takes consulting to the next level, providing much more support than crunching numbers and tabulating calculations. The company encourages women to be F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. – Focus on your actions, Believe in your abilities, Uncover your potential, Live Out your dreams and never Underestimate your-Self. Support is also provided through sales training, image consulting, career and personal development, college selection and savings plans, and even budgeting for special events such as weddings and birthdays. In addition, Rich Girl Consulting has a nonprofit for kids, Rich Girl/Rich Boy which teaches kids to be financially savvy business leaders.

Rich Girl Consulting offers financial, life, and career coaching for teenage girls and women. The new website will be interactive and offer clients a chance to ask questions and enroll in coaching sessions online. Phone consultations will also be avaliable. Goins does everything she can to make sure her clients succeed. She understands her clients’ success and progression is a direct reflection of herself. “I take that very serious. I take my brand very serious,” she states. “I am honest, hardworking, and I go above and beyond for anyone who is willing to roll their sleeves up and do what it takes to make their dreams come true.

Goins is overwhelmed with joy and pride when she receives reports of clients implementing the plans she has tailor-made for their lives. She tells a success story of a client that started with $5 in her bank account but has now reduced her debt, started a business, and has amassed thousands in her account all within a mere eight months. The stories are too numerous to tell, but Goins just appreciates the fact that, without being judgmental, she can be a mentor and a friend to other young women and help them create a plan for success right now.

With a sincere desire to see more women released from the bondage of financial insecurity and instability, Goins is looking toward a bright future; one in which she envisions franchised, Rich Girl Consulting firms across the country. She states, “I want to empower more women to enter into the financial services industry. Rich Girl is not just about being wealthy financially. It is about being physically healthy and having a full enriched life and being a blessing to others.”

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