by Terry Watson | May 11th, 2012
Wendy Wright

Wendy Wright (Photo by Wendi Wright)

Her father always told her that her personality warranted so much more. A Greensboro native, Wendi Wright says she never realized it until she moved to Richmond, Va. and took her voice along with her,

Wright says she is a combination of all things—life, love, family and business. She finds inspiration in knowing that God did not develop her to live a mediocre life. “Opportunities are constantly being thrown my way and I accept each one for what it is,” she says. Her father, Reverend William F. Wright, Jr. who leads New Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Greensboro has been her biggest influence. “To see the passion that he has for changing and making a difference in the lives of people and his community encourages me to know that same strength is in my blood,” she says.

After she graduated from Dudley High School, Wright attended North Carolina A&T State University, which she says is considered to be a legacy in her family. When she moved to Richmond, Wright says she had a difficult time finding out information regarding events in the city. Although there were other resources, none of them told her about what events that interested her and her friends. For a long time she would travel to D.C. for entertainment. In July 2011, she met her mentor, who lives in Dallas, Texas. “He turned me on to and after much discussion and research, we realized that Richmond had a market for a similar site,” says Wright. From that meeting, was born. is Richmond, Va.’s premier source for news and informational topics regarding fashion, events and business within the Greater Richmond and surrounding areas. They’re dedicated to promoting events that bring people together with similar interests and likes that will make for outstanding social and networking opportunities.

“We are dedicated to keeping our viewers informed and entertained via fashion, events and business listings, while supplying them with the tools needed to customize their social and cultural activities,” says Wright. is also committed to making sure that area businesses have a voice and identity in the Richmond area that will not only optimize their advertising experience, but keep them relevant with an ever-growing demographic.

The BWright Group, LLC is the parent company for and RichmondMixX. They offer products that are designed to provide a “one-stop shop” for advertising, public relations and social media marketing needs. They also offer their clients video interviews, event sponsorship and promotions. Recently, they’ve began to branch out into entertainment management realm, with the signing of our new client, “The Band Belief”.

Even though Wright isn’t a Richmond native, she has gained the support of other business owners. “Once people talk to me and get an idea of my vision to help their businesses, they are willing to trust me,” she says. “I’m thankful to business owners DeKesha Williams (Sassy Shoe Gallery), Jay Sharpe (Jay Sharpe Studios), Pumpkin Green (The P Show), Kermit Gresham (Beau Monde Agency) and Ken Brown (, who have been my biggest supporters and assisted in making sure that has a voice here in the city of Richmond.”

Wright says it’s not just the connections that she has made, but the opportunity to be a voice for individuals and businesses. She says she also loves the warm reception that I receive from supporters. If you are thinking about traveling to Richmond, Va. visit first to learn all about out where to go, and where it is happening.

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