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by Terry Watson | November 16th, 2020
Rita Hinton (Photos by David Gort)

Rita Hinton (Photos by David Gort)

There are some things that you do not mess with when it comes to lady. The most important one to remember; don’t mess around with her purse, pocketbook, or handbag.

Rita Hinton of Dallas, TX has embraced this notion and made a business out of it. She is the CEO of Savanah Bleu, a retailer that specializes in designer style handbags without the designer price tag. She is quick to point out that she doesn’t sell any kind of “brand name” handbag. “My styles are big brands, and have the same quality. I specialize in vegan leather, faux leather, and genuine leather,” she says.

Rita can be best described as someone who is dynamic and determined. She is the middle child of Ray and Dorothy Hall and was born in Dallas, TX in April of 1969 and raised in a small town in West Texas. She has always been ambitious and independent in her thinking. At the age of 50, she received her bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a minor in Small Business from the University of Pheonix.

Rita shares that she is a hard worker who has decided to work hard for myself. Her entrepreneurial experience began with her selling jewelry. “I love jewelry, accessories, and fashion. When I dressed up, women would always ask me where I purchased my jewelry, or my handbag, and sometimes even my attire. One day I was sitting at a restaurant eating lunch, and a young lady approached me and asked where did I purchased my earrings. I couldn’t remember because I had them for quite a while. However, she asked to purchase them right off of my ears. And so it began,” she says.

Savanah Bleu Handbags was launched in 2009. Rita began by first dipping her hand in selling costume jewelry. She then added handbags and soon it became her best-selling product. She shares what has helped her business more than anything are the prices. “I’ve always told myself that I would not put a price on a bag that I myself could not afford. I firmly believe that every woman should be able to afford a nice quality handbag. Therefore, my prices are for all incomes and my target group are women that want to look good, stylish, and classy.”

There are a few key factors that help to make Savanah Bleu successful. Rita shares that two of the key ingredients are superb products and great customer service. “Handbags are my thing and I love selling them. I believe that you must love what you do, and equally love what you sell. You must also love your customers, even on the bad days. I believe in providing my customers with quality. Savanah Bleu offers quality, all the time. Quality merchandise, quality prices, and quality customer service.”

Rita has also been successful because she is committed to meeting the needs of her clients. “I’ve worked in customer service for more than 20 years, and throughout the years I have learned that customers love to be pampered and appreciated. Although my business is an online business, I am available at any time. My clients have full access to me, 24 hours a day. Even if it’s just to say hello, I am there. I maintain a personable relationship with all my clients which has proven to work well. I have the best customers this industry offers,” she says.

Though Rita finds inspiration in many things, she says her mother inspires her the most. “She passed away in 2014, but before then she instilled in me to always do well, be good to people, and to always put family first. The next person would be my father. He taught me to always be myself. He told me that even if I try to be or act like someone else, not everyone will like you. It’s best to just be you and let the chips fall where they may when it comes to others and their opinions of you,” she says. She lost her father on Valentine’s Day of this year, and with both of her parents gone, she has pushed herself to take my business to the next level and to live life to the fullest.

Like most businesses, Savanah Bleu has faced its share of challenges. The biggest one Rita shares is consistency. “I’ve learned I will not make money every day, and sometimes not even every week. Still, I cannot let that discourage me from continuing with growing my business. There are times that I make absolutely nothing, and the next week I can’t keep stock or restock fast enough. I have learned that working for yourself is not easy. I understand that one must put in just as much effort and time into owning a business as you would working for someone else. It is a constant perpetuation of time, effort, and research,” she says.

In the future, Rita plans to continue to build Savanah Bleu into a reputable company. She is currently working on her men’s line, Savanahbleu4him, which will offer men’s jewelry and accessories. It is scheduled to launch in November 2020.

She also offers some advice to others who may follow in her footsteps in regards to entrepreneurship and business. “Follow your dreams. Even if you must keep starting over, never give up on you. Nothing happens overnight and anything you want, you must want to work to get it. Nothing will be given to you which makes obtaining it all the better. Good luck and you can do it!”

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