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by Terry Watson | March 13th, 2013
Rita Tisdale

Rita Tisdale (Photo by Mykel Media Company)

She describes herself as someone who was born with a gift. While others may consider it a burden, Rita Tisdale of Greensboro says she is doing what she absolutely loves, and that is a gift of service and humility. “I am a natural servant to everyone I meet. I didn’t ask for it but it’s simply who I am. It’s what I do best and it brings me the most joy and fulfillment,” she says.

As owner of Rita’s Meals by Design, Tisdale is privileged to share her cooking abilities with others. She provides personal chef services to anyone with an appetite and imagination. In addition, she offers meal preparation, dinner parties, pizza parties, special events, fresh organic produce, fruit and vegetable displays, kid cooking camps, etiquette workshops, adult cooking clubs, grocery shopping, kitchen organization and detailing.

Prior to starting her business, Tisdale traveled around town in a little white truck, with her cousin and godmother. For several years, they would sporadically cater events for family and friends and were known as “Savory Foods”. In 2008, she decided to officially launch a personal chef’s business to generate clients and expose others to her style of service through meal preparation.

Tisdale says her godmother kindled her entrepreneurial spirit many years ago as they spent late nights and early mornings prepping fruits and veggies, all the while making the impossible possible. Her mentor, Keisha B. Spivey, pushed her beyond anything she could ever imagine herself being capable of doing. She is also inspired by the numerous youth and fellow teachers that she has cooked with over the years.

Typical clients of Rita’s Meals by Design are quite naturally seeking healthy food options and lifestyle changes in their eating habits. Special event clientele are generally looking for excellent food taste and presentation with awesome service and simple elegance. Pricing varies according to food selection and service, however meal plan pricing comes at a fixed rate but can be tailored to suit the needs of the client.

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