Robert Jamison

by Terry Watson | May 21st, 2021
Robert Jamison

Robert Jamison

Musical Producer and Healthcare Professional Robert L. Jamison gather top performers together for a televised Breast Cancer Musical Concert, that will be aired live on Comcast-Xfinity Channel 17. Proceeds raised will be used to benefit The American Cancer Society.

Executive Producer Robert L Jamison, Founder of Alternative Healthcare LA and Memphis native is on a journey to help fund Breast Cancer Research with his upcoming televised Breast Cancer Musical Concert on Comcast – Xfinity Channel 17 Memphis, Arkansas, and Mississippi, powered by Life In Entertainment. Robert is a Los Angeles resident and relocated to LA nine years ago with an idea to have musical events that will bring the community together for one purpose. To raise money for cancer research. Dr. Jamison, a Behavioral Health Director and two-time Real Men Wear Pink Candidate, and the all-female Funk band KLYMAXX with Legendary Cheryl Cooley are connecting with cancer survivors across the country to help shed light on the ongoing challenges they face, especially throughout COVID-19.

5 Stars Music Group Concert Series on Comcast-Xfinity is moving beyond awareness. We are determined to lead the charge to diversify breast cancer research – the inclusion of diverse participants is necessary to ensure reliable, widely applicable results. Robert wears pink throughout October and supports the American Cancer Society Real Men Wear Pink Campaign in honor of his little sister, Donna Smith Wilkes – a two-time Breast Cancer Survivor and in memory of others that lost their battle to this horrible disease. In 2012 Jamison created a Breast Cancer Musical Concert Series to show his support for women around the world who are affected by cancer. Inspired by his beloved Mother Mary V Lewis who lost her battle to Stage 4 Lung Cancer on September 6, 2012.

Executive Producer Robert L Jamison states, “We need everyone to support The Sisters of Power 4 Woman Breast Cancer Musical Featuring Klymaxx with the Legendary Cheryl Cooley May 29, 2021, on 5 Stars Music Group Concert Series on Comcast-Xfinity Channel 17 Powered by Life In Entertainment Brought to you by Rjai’s and LadiVee’s Production. Let’s focus on real people in our research because all people can be affected by breast cancer.”

Get a complimentary Breast Cancer Gift Bag and 30 seconds television spot with your $500.00 sponsorship. Proceeds to benefit The American Cancer Society. In addition, you can get a Klymaxx Gift Bundle for only $99.99! Autograph CD’s The Sisters of Power 4 Woman and Klymaxx Live CD, and picture.

Klymaxx Original Member Cheryl Cooley started guitar lessons at the age of 11. She went onto learning music composition, orchestration & arranging at Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles, then onto earning a degree in commercial music at Los Angeles City College.

After graduating college, Cheryl was playing in various local bands. When she was rehearsing at a studio in Hollywood, she was approached by some girls that said they had been getting together with an all-female band called KLYMAXX (AFB) and wanted her to come and start rehearsing with them.

Eventually, Dick Griffey, president of Solar Records went to see the band rehearse and signed them immediately to a contract that would spawn 5 albums. Cheryl wrote the music to the demo song that got KLYMAXX the record deal and was the first single called, Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman.

On October 17, 2020, Klymaxx was featured on 5 Stars Music Group Concert Series on SimulTV a Worldwide Digital Television Platform. In a previous article SimulTV CEO Steven Turner stated, “We are so excited to provide the platform for this concert to be aired on for the benefit of Cancer Research and to have such an amazing, talented group that I certainly remember from my youth getting back together and in the arenas again for this cause. Everyone has been touched in some way or another by this terrible disease, the only way to stop it is together and I believe we WILL find a cure someday soon.

SimulTV is an OTT, OTA, and IPTV network founded as a division of Interconnect Media Network Systems by CEO Steven Turner in 2011, currently broadcasting more than 130 live channels worldwide with up to 4K quality. Streaming videos, thousands of movies and Videos On Demand, as well as popular channels including Sony Movie Channel, GetTV, NEWSMAX, Bloomberg News, InfoWars, HDNet, AXSTV, CineSony, Kid Central, Mythos, The X Zone, Battery Pop, Thrillerz, Euronews, Dimensions, and over a hundred more channels.

SimulTV also offers a Set-Top Box (not required for subscription) which is small enough to fit in a back pocket, enabling viewers to take it with them on the road anywhere in the world. A subscription also provides the ability to connect two additional devices – a mobile phone, tablet, computer, or television. SimulTV apps are free in the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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