Robert Jeffers – Reaching Tomorrows Photographers

by Terry Watson | July 16th, 2018
Robert Jeffers

Robert Jeffers

Robert Jeffers has a love for photography and a love for youth. He has found a way to combine the two in a program he has developed which will teach young and aspiring photographers the craft. As an accomplished photographer himself, he is also an entrepreneur, father, and overly ambitious individual who believes there is an opportunity to establish a Black Wall Street in every major city in America. He is also someone who wants to see others succeed and pursue their passions.

Robert’s original idea for the project was “Shoot 4 The Stars” or “Shoot for Greatness”. He wanted the name to be catchy and easy to remember, and still be able to connect with his young audience. “The purpose of this program is to help develop inner city children’s love for photography,” he says. “It’s also an art. Think about it, there are a lot of sports programs for inner city youth but few arts programs. There are acting, music and even painting but you rarely hear about a photography program for kids. We could possibly be living next door to the next Anne Leibovitz or David Lachapelle, yet we will never know it if there are no programs to open them to the art.”

Robert says another photographer he works with brought up the idea of creating a photography camp for kids. While participating in a career day event at an elementary school, the interest the students had in photography amused him. “They were asking very good and thought-provoking questions. I remember showing them the lighting effects that ISO has on an object, and they were astonished,” he said.

To make the program a success, Robert is asking others to donate their old digital cameras. They will used by the young student to learn. “My objective is to spark something in a child that will ignite a fire and a yearning for them to learn more. At the very least, I hope they will learn the art and appreciation for photography. I’m hoping to sow a seed that will potentially change someone’s life. God gives everyone a gift and a passion for something, not just to profit from. I can’t think of any group of individuals that are more deserving of this type of blessing than our youth,” says Robert.

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