Robin Shockley

by Terry Watson | September 13th, 2018
Robin Shockley

Robin Shockley

Robin Shockley describes herself as a small town girl who loves life to the fullest, and is living her dreams one day at a time. She is a native of Berea, South Carolina and is the founder of Focus Forward with Robin, a movement to help people of all races and genders move forward in their purpose by triggering the mind to think the possible. Focus Forward uses various platforms to get their message across including motivational speaking, videos, blogs on social media, and a TV show with the Regina Sunshine Global Network (#RSGN). In addition to being a talk show host, Robin is a Professional Maximizer Entrepreneur and serves as a Legacy Visionary Leader, a Servant Leader, a Community Advocate, writes for two magazines.

She is an aspiring author of over 30 biblical devotions, and has an outreach service, Legacy Tree Outreach / Girls Gifted 4 God. Legacy Tree Outreach is a nonprofit organization that serves the community to collect food for the Helping Hands food pantry with donations for the home to help support families and Title 1 school kids in the Berea Community. Girls Gifted 4 God is a group of women and youth girls volunteering their service to support LTO with food/personal hygiene items and also contribute to writing devotions to challenge and encourage others for a future devotional to publish.

“I have been serving the community since 1993,” Robin says. “It first started with my family Christmas caroling door to door with seniors from our church. It has grown over the 25 years with my parents dressing up as Santa and Mrs. Claus and the kids and grand kids walking the streets of our communities while passing out candy and giving toys away in the low income neighborhoods. Some of these neighborhoods are where I grew up and even where my mother grew up as child.”

As a child, Robin went with her parents to the local prison and watched as they served. She witnessed as a small child what it was like to care for others and I believe that is what stirred the passion in her for people. “My first event was with a group of church women on a weekend retreat at Lake Lurer, NC. I shared my childhood story of always feeling like a misfit due to not having a relationship with my biological father at the time. It was there I realized God wanted to use me to speak to the multitudes, near and far,” she says.

Over the years she has grown and become more educated by way of leadership classes and by surrounding herself with mentors.

One year while at her son’s school volunteering with PTA, another mom asked her to come to her church to speak. This is when Legacy Tree Ministries was birthed. “I remember the night before. God gave me a vision and I put it on a poster board with crayons. It was a tree with [legacy] written in the wood and the branches and leaves were of people. The title of my fist messaged was ‘Living your Legacy’. That is when the slogan ‘Impacting one generation to another by the positive seeds we sow today’ was birthed in me. I have lived that message thus far and will do so until I die,” she says.

Robin also uses the gift God gave her for writing poems and devotionals. She often hosts pampering events in shelters and facilitates workshops with vision boards, which allows both girls and women to showcase their talents. Her business venture also began in 1993 with Mary Kay sales and has progressed to multiple entrepreneur-based businesses such as Paparazzi and Legacy Tree Thrift Shop online. For three years she opened up the thrift shop in her hometown and hosted a ‘Helping Hands Food Pantry’ in the back. People would come in once a week to get food boxes and the homeless would get snack packs and hygiene products. So many miracles and stories took place in that little shop Robin says. “The Lord told me if you build it, they will come. I would circle around the neighborhood praying for what God was doing. It took me almost 10 years for this vision to flourish. I developed not just a love for people, but for the poor and homeless. Today the store operates online but I still do the same with community with giving food projects,” she said.

Moving forward, Robin plans to continue to serve her community and also assist others. She would also like to have her own bed and breakfast home and cater to people while offering hospitality services. Until then, she hopes to travel and visit other countries to learn more about history and possibly do some missions. Her advice to others who may follow in her footsteps is very clear. “I truly believe that goals and aspirations are very important. If they are not followed through correctly, you will hold yourself back. Connect with people who can help you grow into your best and learn from their experiences. Also, you must give back. Investing in others financially can be hard but can also be very rewarding,” she said

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