Ronald Levette – Greater Greensboro Senior Games

by Terry Watson | August 28th, 2017
Ronald Levette (Photos by Mykel Media Company)

Ronald Levette (Photos by Mykel Media Company)

One would be sadly mistaken to say that Ronald Levette wheels are slowing down. At the tender age 62, he doesn’t allow role as father and grandfather keep him from enjoying the many pleasure that life has to offer after retiring. This summer, Levette was a successful participant in the Greater Greensboro Senior Games.

“My experience participating in the Senior Games was challenging, exciting and rewarding. Challenging in that I had never participated in an organized sporting event, so it was a personal dare to prove that I could accomplish this physical fete. Exciting in that is was an adventure to do something that I had never done before. It was rewarding because not only did I meet some good folks from all walks of life, I received three silver medals and one bronze medal,” he says.

He decided to participate after one of the instructors of A.H.O.Y. (Marya) and fellow participants encouraged him to sign up for the Senior Games. He participated in the table tennis (silver medal), the 50 and 100 meter runs (silver medals, and the shot put (bronze medal). “I loved several things that the games offered such as the comrade and the experience of victory and accomplishment in sporting events” says Levette.

The mission of the Greater Greensboro Senior Games is to promote healthy lifestyles — both mentally and physically — by encouraging seniors to practice and participate in their chosen event(s) throughout the year. There are a variety of events available, so there is something for everyone. The Greater Greensboro Senior Games is sanctioned by NC Senior Games Inc. (NCSG), a nonprofit organization, and sponsored statewide by the NC Division of Aging and Adult Services.
Anyone 50 years or older and interested in participating in the senior games should contact Jennie Matkins, Senior Services Coordinator, Parks & Recreation with the City of Greensboro.

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