Roslyn Mattocks and Bag Ladies

by Terry Watson | March 13th, 2014
Roslyn Mattocks (photo by Bridgette Baysden)

Roslyn Mattocks (photo by Bridgette Baysden)

Most people would have thrown in the towel along time ago. Why not? Life would have been so much easier. No challenges or troubles. Forget about the cares of others and embark on a selfish plight to nowhere. However, Roslyn Mattocks of Jacksonville, North Carolina isn’t like most people. She has a heart the size of Jupiter and compassion to match. As the mother of a child with special needs, Mattocks embraces each new day with new expectations and ambitions.

Mattocks graduated from Coastal Carolina Community College in 2008 and received a diploma in Surgical Technology. She currently serves as surgical technologist with a focus on orthopedics. She declares openly that she is a Christian woman that chases after God’s heart. She needs God’s love to sustain her equip her for all of the challenges that life presents. Yet, her gifts and talents does not end in the operating room of a hospital. Mattocks also has a passion for writing and released her first book of a series titled Bag Ladies: Temporary Fix (Bag Ladies Series).

“It took a lot of years and experience to inspire me to write this novel. I would not categorize this book as a ‘self-help’ book but I could see how one could relate and find a resolve to the situation they may be going through,” she says. “As I wrote this, I was still walking through having emotional dependencies.” Mattocks says her target audience are women (late teens to mid 40’s).
The series sheds light on some of the things women seek and expect in life including love, respect, acceptance, attention, achievement, reassurance, and appreciation. Mattocks says it’s perfectly normal to want these things. “When we fail to fully give ourselves to God and allow Him to fill every void, when we fail to give Him our sorrows, our guilt, our shame, when we hold on to our worries and pain instead of trading it all for His joy, we find ourselves carrying a LOT of emotional baggage,” she says.

After indulging many women are left feeling empty, exhausted, and no good to the ones who need them the most. Mattocks says this is why some fall far from fulfilling their purpose. “We forget our true identity. We lose value, self-respect, and sadly, most often, we lose ourselves,” she adamantly explains.

The three female characters in her novel attempt to fill a void that only God can fill in their lives with such fixes, only to find that they are left feeling empty. The first book of the ‘Bag Ladies’ series allows the reader to discover the characters personality, qualities, and bad habits. “There are blunt, yet real, moments that may pierce a part of you if you are still dealing with your temporary fixes,” Mattocks says.

Mattocks finds inspiration from various sources including her spiritual leaders Apostle Daniel and Dr. Earnestine Williams of Present Truth Ministries in Kinston, N.C, and music. She declares she can’t write without hearing it in her ears. It causes her creative juices to flow. She states that while writing she had to pray and contemplate on how blunt and open she should be. “God willing, I have planned to write a few more books in the Bag Ladies series, and also a “true identity” daily (365) inspirational book. I would also like to open a coffee/book cafe by day and open mic for poetry and live entertainment by night,” she says.

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