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by Terry Watson | July 16th, 2018
Shatava Lindsey

Shatava Lindsey

Runway Boutique is a fashion forward and modern women’s boutique located in the heart of Antioch, TN. The modern and trendy fashion house opened its doors on July 16, 2016 with the intentions of changing the way the surrounding Nashville community receives fashion.

Runway Boutique is led by owner Shatava Lindsey, who is a native of Chattanooga, TN. She describes herself as a woman who has an eye for fashion and a unique ability to communicate with fashion pieces. Whether designing custom clothing for her custom line, OurGlass Collection, or shopping for the boutique, Shatava is always focused on her business and finding ways to expand her inventory. Shatava has a true love for fashion.

As a designer, Shatava is inspired by so much and often utilizes various resources while creating her custom pieces. With her OurGlass Collection, Shatava specializes in custom, handmade clothing for women. “I love creating custom clothing for shapely women of all ages and sizes. There’s nothing like having a custom piece that fits like a glove and is made just for you,” she says.

Runway Boutique began as a need. It was always difficult for Shatava to find clothing items to fit her curves. She shares, “I would get extremely frustrated while shopping. I hated the feeling because all the clothing items I loved did not fit me properly. So, I decided to create my own. I started out with denim jeans because that was always my hardest item to find. Then I branched off into everything else. I always remember my past frustrations with shopping and make it a point to carry quality designs for women of all sizes. If needed, I will create something unique for any client.”

What Shatava loves most about the fashion industry is seeing the smiling faces of women wearing her pieces. First there’s the custom clothing. There is something special about having a vision about a garment with a customer and putting the vision on paper, eventually creating a custom paper pattern. The garment becomes a complete look once it’s sewing together. “The inspiration I get from their faces of amazement is what I love and inspires me to keep going,” she shares.

Shatava is very active in her community. She recently produced a Prom Dress Drive and gave away 100 prom dresses to high school students in need. This event was also featured on News Channel 5 in Nashville. “I am really big on giving back and Runway Boutique will continue to be involved with our annual Prom Dress Drive giveaway, as well as other events,” she says. Runway Boutique also allows Shatava an opportunity to connect and often comfort her clients. “A lot of times, women come into the store and may be having a bad day. There are also some who may have low self-esteem, or they simply don’t put a lot of attention into their wardrobe. When I find a clothing item to fit them and flatter their figure, they are grateful. With every great outfit, I am giving my clients an added boost of confidence, a sense of style, and helping them feel more beautiful,” she says.

Shatava has also faced some challenges while running her businesses. The biggest one is getting the word out about them. Though both are growing, she wants them to continue to soar. That why she finds it so important to provide consistent and quality service to her clients because they are the easiest and most effective vehicle that can spread the word about her business.

She also offers some advice to others who may be thinking about starting their own business or even opening a fashion house or boutique. “Work hard and don’t give up, but most importantly, trust your process. Millionaires are not created overnight and it’s important to go that extra mile to ensure you are heading towards success,” she said.

Moving forward Shatava hopes to build a fashion empire and become a Woman Fashion Mogul. She also plans to continue to allow her business to be an active member in the Nashville and Antioch communities. To learn more about Runway Boutique and her OurGlass collection, stop by their shop, or visit them online.

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