Salon Se Swa

by Crystal Kelly | November 4th, 2010
Salon Se Swa

Katrice & Kim "Lil' Kim" Jones

Wash and Set for $10, Perms for $35…say what? No, Se Swa! This price point concept was given to owner of Salon Se Swa, Katrise Jones, when she read the book, ‘I Am, I Can, and I Will’ by Joe Dudley, Sr. “In whatever you do, if you put God first you will be successful at it” says Jones. She believes the salon is her God given purpose. To be able to provide hair care and hair treatments for damaged hair to the community at an affordable price.

Born and raised in Rocky Mount, N.C., Jones was surrounded by “kitchen sink” hair stylists. Her mom and aunts styled hair from their homes because they could not afford to go to the salons. Jones became aware of her hair styling gift at the age of 15. Although she was a natural at it, she never envisioned hair styling a career choice. Soon after graduating high school she moved to Philadelphia and attended college in order to become a paralegal. Unable to land a job in Philly, she decided to relocate back to N.C., this time Raleigh. While living in Raleigh, she began attending the Word of God Fellowship Church. There she was saved and her life thereafter changed. Still not knowing what her true purpose was, she began fasting and praying and asking God to reveal to her what he wanted her to do. During this time, God answered her with the vision of owning a salon, Salon Se Swa, which means a salon of comfort. She was opposed to it at first, but she says, “God was like this is your purpose, and from there he gave me the vision of how the salon should look and what I should do.”

In 1999, Jones opened her first salon in Raleigh. Facing many financial tribulations because she could not obtain a loan from a bank, she used every dime she had to operate. “Anytime God gives you a purpose it will be tested and every test I was given, I passed!,” says Jones.

“Never quit, never give up” is the heart felt belief that allows Jones to own and operate three salons throughout North Carolina. Enlisting the help of her 3 younger brothers, she maintains salons in Rocky Mount and Raleigh. She also joined up with her cousin and female rapper, Furthermore she and cousin, rapper Kimberly “Lil Kim” Jones co-own and operate new Salon Se Swa located in Charlotte.

The most unique qualities about Salon Se Swa are the prices and the hours of operation. The salon operates seven days a week from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday, and 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. on Sundays, no appointments necessary. Greeted with excellent customer service by each stylist, customers leave with a feeling of beauty and happiness. Happy because you did not have to break the bank to receive a good hair style and great customer service. The pricing is so shocking that women who are use to paying at least $35 for a wash and set say they just have to go in and see what the catch is. “There’s no catch,” says Jones “The price allows me to give back to the community. If Joe Dudley, Sr. can start with $10 and be successful – I can too!”

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