Sam Hina

by Terry Watson | July 21st, 2020
Sam Hina

Sam Hina

Sam Hina plainly put is an artist. Since he was a little kid living in the Southside of Savannah, he possessed the ability and desire to create.

That creativity often came to Sam in the form of drawing, but as he got older, he realized that his creativity intuition went beyond just pen and paper. Over the years, he has developed skills in many different art forms, all of which he has been able to forge into his brand, Hina Visuals.

Hina Visuals specializes in photography, but also offers video content/direction for personal brands and businesses. Launched in 2017, Sam says he loves the process of creating the art, sometimes more than the art itself. “Brainstorming concepts, building sets and experimenting with lighting are all parts of process that I like to see come together and make what I do so enjoyable,” he shares.

“Everything inspires me when in comes to creating. Colors, animals, pop culture, social and political issues, etc. I literally pull from everything.”

Sam shares that his life and career has been greatly impacted by Terrius Mykel, an Atlanta based music video director. “In 2014 we connected in college and became good friends and he has mentored me ever since. Working with him helped to propel me past a lot of creatives who have been in the game years, and in a much shorter amount of time,” he says.

In the future, Sam plans to take his brand to new heights, and produce more challenging productions. “I want to keep expanding my clientele and eventually add a space and platform for creatives to create and display their work,” says Sam.

Be on the lookout for this talent. He is sure to be doing some fascinating things.

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