Sasha Ridley

by Terry Watson | January 24th, 2020
Sasha A. Ridley

Sasha A. Ridley

Sasha A. Ridley of Chesapeake, VA is a devoted mother, multifaceted business woman, purpose pusher, and creative thinker. She is also extremely empathetic.

By the sounds of it, Sasha lives a pretty simple life. She loves meeting and connecting with new people from all backgrounds and vantage points. Even more, she believes the best way to view life is from the perspective of another person.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Sasha but she has proven and battle tested. She has faced being homeless three times within the last four years, all while battling depression and anxiety. “I felt as if I didn’t belong. I have adjusted by learning how to shift my focus and to slow myself down and reconnect with my faith.
Searching for the lesson in the situations rather than focus more on trying to move on to the next survival shift was the game changer which helped me to become the change agent in my own life,” she shares. “Realizing and owning the role I played in each and every situation allowed me to be able to connect and be of value to others”.

Within her circle of friends and family, Sasha is the one everyone seeks for questions and advice. Even though she may be the youngest in most cases, she is still the go to and describes herself as the “baby in charge”.

Currently she operates as a certified Relationship Life Coach with Sasha A. Ridley Enterprises and Heart To Heart Consulting. Coach Sasha works with those who are looking to overcome debilitating fears in regards to vulnerability, communication and adversities that may limit one’s ability to establish personal and professional relationships. She is also a transformation speaker and author, and has published her first book, The Relational Mindset How to Heal and Build Healthy Relationships, which is a take action memoir.

“Writing my memoir offered me freedom and healing. The book has also helped others take a closer look at their life and the toxic things they are allowing or have allowed in past relationships. Furthermore, being able to speak on these topics and my mirror confidence method allows me to take my one on one coaching model into a group atmosphere,” she shares.

Sasha has over eight years of management, customer relations, coaching, marketing, and development experience; skills that she utilizes to assist her with Heart to Heart Consulting. “I am committed to serving those individuals who are ready to put forth action to uncover their who, why, and how and shift their mindset of lack and self-sabotage in order to start their business,” she says. “It is my ultimate desire to equip today’s business owners with the tools and strategies to realize their financial worth, and help them with building an unmatched brand and to dominate their market. I want to help others find their purpose as a person outside of their brand.”

Sasha began working as an Executive Assistant with a non profit organization. After two years there, she went on to work as an Telecommunications Officer with the area police department, a move that spanned four years. Due to a family illness, she terminated her employment with the police department and jumped into full-time entrepreneurship so that she would have more flexibility. Both opportunities played a role in helping her to launch Heart to Heart Consulting, and helped her with establishing client relationships. “Working with many different companies over the years I began to see things that challenged my morals. I knew I had to fully invest in Heart to Heart and give the people something different. I also realized that starting a business was a big investment and required a lot of trust. Clients come to me because they trust that I will offer them solutions, and that is what Heart to Heart Consulting is all about. From my heart to yours,” Sasha explains.

Her desire to be a life coach had been a long time passion. She studied psychology at Virginia Union University and was always deeply intrigued by the cognitive development and thought process of a person and how it impacts behavior.

When the opportunity came to implement life coaching into her business, Sasha knew she had to be strategic and intentional about it. “It was important that I mastered the areas in which I was trying to advise someone else on. Vulnerability and being able to communicate with yourself is vital. You can’t expect to have an honest and authentic exchange with anyone if you are hiding from your own face in the mirror,” she says.

She finds the most joy as a Life Coach when her clients experience “the light bulb moment”. “A client called me once and was so excited about being able to use a method I used and taught them. When my clients are able to stand in their boldness and implement the practical tools and strategies they have learned in sessions with me, makes it all worth it,” she says.

Ironically, Sasha finds inspiration through many of the adversities she has faced. She is also inspired by her daughter. “When I was at some of the lowest and scariest moments of my life she was my beacon of light. We all want to leave a legacy behind as parents and our greatest legacy will be our children. My drive is to create a life that she won’t have to recover from. As a single mom it is important to me that she knows that no matter who or what may come that I will always be in her corner,” she says.

She is also deeply inspired by watching others succeed despite the obstacles that are thrown at them. “Life can sometimes be tricky but mastering the odds is the ultimate magic trick,” she says.

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