Savanah Bleu 4Him

by Terry Watson | May 21st, 2021
Savanah Bleu

Savanah Bleu

Savanah Bleu is up to something again. While their signature line of handbags and accessories have made their name in the fashion world, it only seems right for them to add a men’s line. And so it is. Introducing Savanah Bleu 4 Him.

Rita Hinton is the face of Savanah Bleu. She can be best described as someone who is dynamic and determined. She is the middle child of Ray and Dorothy Hall and was born in Dallas, TX in April of 1969 and raised in a small town in West Texas. She has always been ambitious and independent in her thinking. At the age of 50, she received her bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a minor in Small Business from the University of Phoenix.

Rita shares that she is a hard worker who has decided to work hard for myself. Her entrepreneurial experience began with her selling jewelry. “I love jewelry, accessories, and fashion. When I dressed up, women would always ask me where I purchased my jewelry, or my handbag, and sometimes even my attire. One day I was sitting at a restaurant eating lunch, and a young lady approached me and asked where I purchased my earrings. I couldn’t remember because I had them for quite a while. However, she asked to purchase them right off of my ears. And so it began,” she says.

Savanah Bleu Handbags was launched in 2009. Rita began by first dipping her hand in selling costume jewelry. She then added handbags and soon it became her best-selling product. She shares what has helped her business more than anything are the prices. “I’ve always told myself that I would not put a price on a bag that I myself could not afford. I passionately believe that every woman should be able to afford a nice quality handbag. Therefore, my prices are for all incomes and my target group are women that want to look good, stylish, and classy.”

Savanah Bleu 4Him 4HIM is the brother company to Savanah Bleu. They specialize in men’s accessories including jewelry, overnight bags, and cigar accessories, and are adding new items daily. It was first launched in November of 2020. “My male friends kept asking men when I would have something for the men. They were supporting my business and buying handbags for their mothers, sisters, and spouses, and because of their support I felt it was time I rewarded them. So, I did a relaunch in March of 2021. When I first launched, I only had a few pieces of jewelry, but nothing was catching anyone’s attention. I then remembered I had once carried the Ostrich bags on the Savanah Bleu side and thought maybe I could revamp by adding the bags. I was speaking with my partner Darryl Bates and he suggested we conduct a photoshoot, and that he would model for me. The photo shoot was amazing, and we were on our way with Savanah Bleu 4Him,” she says.

The main attraction for Savanah Bleu 4Him is their Getaway Collection Ostrich Duffle Bags. These bags are made of vegan leather and are very classy, and distinguished. They are perfect for a quick getaway whether it be in town, a road trip, or a quick flight out of town. Savanah Bleu 4Him also specializes in Shamballa bracelets and Stretch Beaded bracelets. Rita shares, “These beaded bracelets are so exquisite and unique.” “They are especially designed for Savanah Bleu 4Him by our own designer, Cormeer White of Queen Goddess Shine. We also specialize in Invicta Watches for men, these watch designs are handpicked by myself and my partner.”

Rita shares how she loves the distinguished look Darryl is gearing towards, and compliments him for his ideas of a more upscale line for men, which she says are working very well. “I love the whole entire look, everything from the products to the merchandising, I love it all!”

So how does Rita plan to grow her new line. She shares, “We have so many ideas coming into view, but our plan is to add more products as far as accessories go. People love the visual of products, they want to see how the product would look on them, so more photos of the merchandise with our models for advertising,” she says.

To learn more about Savanah Bleu 4Him, please visit their website.

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