Sean Ingram

by Terry Watson | November 18th, 2016
Sean Ingram (Photos by Jay Lackerson)

Sean Ingram (Photos by Jay Lackerson)

Sean Ingram is an Author, Educator, Motivational Speaker, Actor, Spoken Word Artist and Founder/CEO of “The Sean Ingram Creative Arts Academy”.
Sean has touched many lives with his ability to passionately orate through lecture or performance the importance of overcoming life’s obstacles while in the pursuit of happiness and success. He utilizes his creative gifts at schools, churches, prisons and corporations to invoke inspiration to those who may feel at times somewhat discouraged and despondent.

Sean impressively uses his past struggles of deferred dreams, physical incarceration and mental imprisonment as his creative stepping stones to success, which truly epitomizes his profound journey from poverty, to prison, to prosperity.

Sean has been nominated Poet of the Year and recipient of the International Poet of Merit Award by the International Society of Poets. Compelled by his ambition and passion, Sean’s mission and ministry in life is to educate others, especially our youth, to culture their mindset in order to create and cultivate their skillset so they may become an Asset to themselves and others.

“Because I know first hand from personal experience to feel depressed, discouraged, despondent, unwanted and unloved. Just as somebody inspired and motivated me to change my life for the better, it is my mission to help others the same way others has helped me.

Daily, I face the never ending challenges of being a ex-con, three time felon and the trials of never obtaining my collegiate degree. My desire is not to save the world, but if I can save the few that God will place in my path for me to help, then my job will be done,” he says.

Some of Sean’s programs include The Sean Ingram Academy of Nail Technology, The Sean Ingram Academy Juvenile Diversion Mentoring Program, Creative Writing and Communication Workshops and Seminars, and Voice-Over Training. Moving forward Sean plans to continue to help change the lives of everyone that I can by educating, motivating and inspiring them by reaching out with love.

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