Sean Stimpson: Using His Gifts To Help Others

by Terry Watson | January 9th, 2015
Sean Stimpson (Photo by Terrius Mykel Photography)

Sean Stimpson (Photo by Terrius Mykel Photography)

For Sean Stimpson, one of the most exhilarating aspects of being a barber is the range of people that come through his shop doors. He has been exceptionally lucky to have such a wide range of people to honor him with their business including young men and youth. “When they sit in my barber chair, that action alone gives me a moment in time to make a positive difference,” he says. Whether it is to engage them in a conversation regarding sports and/or lessons, Stimpson says he has learned throughout the years to do it without any form of judgment. “It only takes a few minutes to listen to what someone has to say and that in itself makes a huge difference. It is very simple; I listen because what they have to say matters”.

Though he has been a licensed barber for only three years, Stimpson has been cutting hair for quite a long time. His first clients were friends and family members who recognized his styling skills then and still support him today. He obtained his Barber Certificate through Winston Salem Barber School in Winston Salem, NC. He also attended North Carolina A&T State University and Hiwassee College.

Stimpson says he is a believer that situations happen for a reason. He also states that it is up to an individual to learn and make the best of their life. “I believe in family ties and I am my Son’s biggest fan. I love God and God loves me,” he says. He credits his grandmother’s Dot and Jazz for encouraging him always go with what feels right and to enjoy whatever he does. These are the same traits he is teaching his own son so why not share with others?

Stimpson also strives to give back to the community that has help to build him. He recently offered free haircuts to patrons of the Salvation Army’s Center of Hope in Greensboro. One of the young men living there had aspirations of becoming a barber and so Stimpson says he took the time to listen and gave him pointers on how to become the best barber he could possibly be. “Because of my community actions through barbering, I was able to reach out to this young man and hear what his dreams are,” says Stimpson.

Some of the services offered by Stimpson are Fades, Tapers, Shaves, Line-up and Basic Cuts. He also offers Barber Facial Hair Grooming services including Trims, Shape-Ups, Outline of the Beard, Mustache, Chin Strap and Goatee. He also provides Eyebrow services.

“Re-occurring customers prove I have accomplished my goals. I try to remember the little things and make sure each of my clients know I will provide the best barbering service I can,” he says. In the future Stimpson hopes to satisfy a entrepreneurial appetite and own several barbershops.

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