David Hemdricks | May 21st, 2021
David Hendricks

David Hendricks

Semaje is a phenomenal gospel singer who was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. It all began with a love for him. With the love that he was provided by his family as a young child, he shares that he has always been encouraged to push for his dreams.

Raised in a detached home, Semaje spent Monday through Friday with his mother. He would then go to his father’s house Friday through Sunday. His father kept him in church every Sunday, faithfully. That experience is what shaped his spiritual foundation as Semaje loved the sound of church music and picked it up early and began playing drums and eventually singing.

“I knew that it’s something about the soul and message in the gospel that uplifts people and brings them to a different space,” Semaje said. “That is why I started to love it.”

Semaje was a crafty child and turned every theme song from shows like “The Parkers,” “Martin,” and even “Power Rangers” into a gospel remix. Once he noticed how his peers were constantly entertained by the things he did, Semaje knew he could make this into something extraordinary.

Why did Semaje choose music to follow, it all makes sense to him. “I developed a love of music because it speaks to many different emotions. Music embraces a feeling or takes the feeling out of the listener. I believe gospel music is the best because of the type of power it has over people,” he shares. He compared gospel to people like gas to a car and how gospel pushes him for more in his life.

“Gospel music makes you feel like you can conquer the world. It’s saving music and healing music. No matter how you’re feeling,” Semaje said. “Gospel music can take you out of that mood. It’s the best genre ever because it puts you in a place like no other.”

Semaje, at the age of 18, went to Philadelphia by himself to audition for “Sunday Best” in pursuit of his dream. However, with the opportunity came disappointment.

“I had people very close to me like family. I didn’t feel the support at all, and I felt discouraged,” Semaje said. “However, my grandmother on my mom’s side encouraged me to go after whatever God placed in my heart.”

That reassurance Semaje got from his grandmother helped him conquer the lack of support. He gives her enormous credit for lifting him up. Now, when he looks back, he knows it was a part of God’s plan.

Recently, a song with Fred Jerkins and Semaje hit #4 on the Billboard called “Reason to Praise.” Semaje is doing everything possible to leave his mark in the industry. Talking about his Billboard appearance is still crazy to him. He expressed that seeing his name on the charts with artists he listened to as a child is surreal.

Currently, Semaje has his first EP coming out soon and he remains extremely excited to get his work out to the world. He shares his music is for everybody, and it will save, deliver, inspire, and motivate listeners.

Semaje’s plans for the future are big. In addition to honing his craft, he is looking to acquire experience in acting, radio, podcast, and even start a clothing line.

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