Sen-Soray Johnson

by Terry Watson | July 19th, 2021
Sen-Soray Johnson

Sen-Soray Johnson

She is Sen-Soray Johnson or Ray for short. This ambitious, always thinking “outside the box” businesswoman is also the founder and CEO of Ray’s Resources, LLC. On the surface, her company is a staffing agency whose focus is to pair qualified candidates with employment opportunities throughout the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In addition, Ray’s Resources provides support and exceptional customer service for candidates seeking employment and companies/organizations.

Created just this year Ray’s Resources was not exactly what Sen-Soray dreamt of when she first started. She even had second thoughts about launching a business and shares, “I was going to focus mainly on resume writing, job training, and job etiquette. However, when I partnered with another amazing organization, Brittney Blackmon and Geneva Byrd of B&B Consultants, Ray’s Resources was elevated to another level.” B&B assisted Ray with placing CBRF’s, CNA’s, and Directors, Lead Teachers, Clerical Workers, Bartenders, Security Guards, and more. They even helped aspiring entrepreneurs with getting their businesses off the ground.

When asked what inspired her to start Ray’s Resources, she stated, “I’m trying to help our community as much as I can. I noticed a lack of tools and resources for the younger generation in the City of Milwaukee. There was a void in the simple things, such as teaching them the fundamentals like essential job skills such as resume writing, job etiquette, financial literacy, and professionalism. “I felt like this was something we all needed; working together is our culture, and by doing so, we can create jobs and ensure our families are taken care of as well.”

Ray prides herself on being well-rounded and diverse. Ray’s Resources provide a long list of opportunities for clients between the ages of 18 and 64. Through their partnership with Generation of Excellence and Latanya Baker, they can offer training to their clients in the areas of teacher training, childcare, warehouse, welding, and engineering, along with CBRF and CNA.

“Bringing resources forward” is Ray’s motto, and it describes what she loves most about her company. She wants to ensure her community is aware of the programs and services that exist. “I am committed to meeting the needs of others, whether directly or as a conduit to someone who can meet their needs,” she shares.

Ray believes that some people are not working, possibly due to a lack of support and access to necessary information. This is why she informs everyone in the community she meets about the available essential resources. Among her many accomplishments, she states her proudest one is finally opening her own office space located at 6633 West Mill Road. This center includes other business owners that help other entrepreneurs and is also where Ray’s Resources hosts its training. “I love being surrounded by so many positive women and men who all have the same focus, healing our community, stopping the violence that surrounds them, and providing the youth with better education and job training opportunities,” Ray says.

When asked what her testimony is, she stated, “I finally found my niche. I have been surrounded by so many people who have their own businesses, from cooks to chefs to hairstylists and nail technicians, welders, plumbers, you name it. I always felt like I was being left behind because I didn’t know what my calling was. I had to stop and sit down with myself to see exactly what I was good at. I learned that I was good at resourcing and helping people find certain things.” This year was my time to reflect on myself, to learn, grow and find myself along the way. I feel that I have finally found my purpose.”

This year was my time to reflect on myself, to learn and grow, and find myself along the way. I feel that I’ve finally found my purpose.”

As for what the future holds for Ray’s Resources, the owner plans on building better contracts with the inner city, including hospitals, healthcare facilities, local daycares, and schools. Ray also plans on offering transportation and uniforms for her employees. She says, “for those who don’t have a vehicle at the time, we can pick them up and drop them off at their job sites.” Of course, we would all love to see Ray’s Resources grow to a larger scale, but at the moment, she wants to keep her focus in Milwaukee.

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