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by Terry Watson | March 15th, 2019
MiLinya Maxey

MiLinya Maxey

MiLinya Maxey is a certified and licensed massage therapist in Richmond, VA. She holds an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy, and has over six years of working experience as a Bodymind Coach, Intuitive Healer, and Reiki Master. Her geniune passion for helping other women live stress free lives helped to inspire to start her very business, Serenity Richmond.

Serenity Richmond is a holistic wellness studio that provides Massage Therpay, Energy Healing, Skin Care, and Herbal and Nutritional Health. They will begin offering Yoga in July.

At Serenity Richmond, MiLinya combines an intuitive healing and bodywork approach to help break through the physical and emotional aspects of stress. “Creating balance reconnects the mind and the body in a way that helps you tune into the body’s wisdom, so you can live more connected, focused and a fulfilled life,” she shares.

Licensed as a massage therapist for the previous seven years, MiLinya has helped countless women access their inner power and develop their strong will through self care techniques. Her practice encourages a more balanced life and assists in achieving great results from set goals and vision.

The Richmond native is a mother of three, grandmother to a beautiful baby girl, entrepreneur, intuitive healer, a lover of love, life, and music. “I’m very down to earth, and a fun to be around kind of girl. I’m a introvert, but that doesn’t stop me. I love being comfortable and family means everything to me. I am also a seeker of knowledge, and my head is always in a book,” she says.

Life has thrown its share of curves for MiLinya. She experienced teen pregnancy, giving birth to her son at the age of 15. Many counted her out and believed that she would succumb to the stereotypes of young black girls with babies, she shares. “It was tough. I had to work, go to school, and be a mother.”

Still there were more challenges that awaited MiLinya.

Her youngest daughter was was diagnosed with an abdominal issue causing her to have surgery immediately after birth. The doctors advised her she would be in the hospital for three months. This was shocking news that literally broke MiLinya’s heart. She recalls how she stayed by her daughter’s side, just as any loving mother would do for their child. Amazingly, her daugther recovered very fast of which the doctors credit with her touching and being by her daughters side. She went from a possible three month stay to only two weeks in the NICU.

MiLinya knew then she wanted to help others using touch.

Nothing about life appeared to be normal for MiLinya. She didn’t fit into the usual crowds and was named “Mimi with the baby”. “I believe that’s what hurt the most. I was so much more than just the girl with the baby. I was labeled and hated it,” she shares. She didn’t allow those words to stop her. With the love and support of her parents, she was able to graduate high school with an advanced diploma.

As life began to settle, she was able to focus on making life better for herself and her new family. In 2011, she took a huge leap to become a massage therapist. She shares that watching how hard her parents worked inspired her to be more. “I’ve watched them work extremely hard for other companies and never pursue their dreams. I often wonder what if they had? What would have been different? I knew nothing about business and still decided to step out there because I saw them overlook their dreams. I wanted to change that,” she said.

MiLinya also finds inspiration in seeing other black women crush their goals and be successful. “Seeing them succeed encourages me to keep pushing and become innovative within my career. I’m constantly thinking of new ways on how massage therapy can be approached differently.

She shares that her motivation comes from seeing her children grow and tackle daily stressors with compassion and tact.

During the hustle and bustle of running a business, she even found time to enjoy some of the things that life also has to offer; love.

“Experiencing my true first love at 30 was absolutely amazing. There were some ups and down, but through it all I was able to mature. I reached a point in the relationship where I realized I wasn’t loving myself fully. I began to love myself more. Loving myself fully made me take a deeper look at self and the things that make me happy; music, yoga, journaling, therapy, family, meditation, and friends,” she shares.

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