Shae Ramirez

by Terry Watson | July 14th, 2017
Shae Ramirez

Shae Ramirez

I’m the wife of a man who lives with Crones Disease, and a mother to six beautifully young women all with unique personalities.  Over the years I have become a respected business woman, a dedicated community servant, and patron to the arts.  I feel that I genuinely relate to the diversities at the  heart of our community. My objective is to revitalize our enervated city.  Our home is sick and is in need of healing from a plethora of maladies ranging from crime and homelessness, to violence and gentrification.  I will put great effort towards uplifting our city and rekindling the flames of pride in ourselves and our community.

The creators and dreamers of tomorrow are being robbed of their opportunities to flourish by way of the deplorable defunding of the arts in schools.  I believe that your talent Is your ticket, and this is a gross disservice to our youth.  The foundations of our future are built on behalf of our children whom shall build great wonders upon that very foundation which is our duty to lay for them here today. That precious foundation is being undermined and sabotaged by a callous and apathetic administration that values self serving cronyism over intelligent and compassionate legislation and I swear to do everything in my power to protect the vital influence of art and music in our schools. 

With this, please understand that love is the bridge that will cross the divides that are plaguing our communities. I want to bring accountability to our communities and reform policing in our neighborhoods through empathy and mutual respect.  Our people are distressed, both financially and emotionally.  There is a lack of love.  I want to resurrect the spirit of Durham.  I am eager to begin the conversation about change.  Durham needs direct action.  We need to come together as a whole body.  As a unified community through my administration we shall forge our future into the gorgeous vision of individuality, love, and acceptance that I see within our historic city.  I conclude with a quote from the king of pop himself, the late great Michael Jackson.  “Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation.” 

Kershemia La-Shea Ramirez, was born on April 2, 1973 in Greensboro, N.C.  After graduating from James B. Dudley High School, she went on to attended NCCU where she received her Bachelors of Arts in Public Administration in 1995.  She has been an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. for over 20 years and graduated from FullSail University with a Masters degree in Entertainment Business In August 2016.  

Shea is a determined entrepreneur at heart, having started Sa’Shea Shoes in 2006 which began by her selling shoes from her car (with her girls in tow) to make enough to open a storefront which she grew over an 11 year span.  Shea believes that everyone is beautiful inside and out, and by doing so she opened SH’ Bella Model and Talent Agency where she strives to instill that very idea into all her projects.  Shea took those core beliefs and brought a program to all the middle schools in Durham to impart self esteem, confidence, and love of one’s self. 

She has been involved in her community through a myriad of programs such as the annual Back To School drives, servicing The Genesis Home; providing clothing, haircuts, and hairstyling for families in need.  Shea has been a National Night Out sponsor for the last four years, focusing on curving violent crimes in Durham, and has worked to bridge the gap between Durham’s law enforcement and the community with a physical fitness program.

Driven by her passion for her city’s youth, she held the first annual Teen Summit in May of 2016.  Her goal was to open up a much needed dialogue between youth and their community.  She also has partnered with Bridge the Gap, Hillside High School Anti-bullying campaign, worked directly with at risk youth facing imminent expulsion, and The Stop The Violence Rallies. Her aim is to restore a sense of self worth with the youth and show them that someone cares about their success. 

Truly, Shea has begun the work needed in our beloved community. She is a self motivated, caring, intrepid woman who knows when they say you aren’t and you can’t, God says you can and you will. 

I believe in spreading the economics through out Durham by providing  adequate training and education for all citizens.  When we have good paying jobs our crime rate is low.  Each and every child will not attend a four year college but a obtaining a trade is also an great option as well. You can still be successful and complete your  life  goals.  There are plenty of opportunities in  Durham  but not all people have access to these opportunities.  We must provide all citizens with a fair chance to be successful in our city.

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