Shana Montague

by Terry Watson | May 17th, 2017
Shana Montague (Photos by Jerry Barbry)

Shana Montague (Photos by Jerry Barbry)

Shana Montague (Sweetz) is a story within herself. She is the mother of two beautiful children, David Ray and Egypt Micah. More than anything she is a hard worker who is determined to find her place and purpose in life.

Montague has seen both sides of the tracks, and seems to have found her way back to the side that allows her to be who she wants to be. She is artsy and equally outspoken. These qualities help to make her a well sought after stylist in Raleigh, N.C.

She is a native of Raleigh and attended Garner Senior High School. While in school, life seemed to come hard for Montague. She ran away from home with another friend who would be murdered. These were the type of troubles that would surround her as a youth. She was incarcerated several times as a teen. Those experiences became a repeating pattern for her as it appeared that there was no way out and with little hope to spare.

“I was dancer at a very young age. I was a hustler and I traveled throughout the state. Through all of this, I found myself empty and unhappy. I knew I had a gift but I wasn’t using it the right way,” she says.

At the age of 21, Montague decided she wanted more out of life. She broke her ties with the correctional system and entered the DRC Program (Daily Reporting Center) and eventually obtained her GED in three months. She received an Associates Degree in Science, and also received an Associates Degree in Cosmetology from Wake Technical Community College.

Montague has been styling hair all of her life. She was raised in a hair salon by her mother, aunts and cousins. Once she got her degree, the door was opened for her to utilize her gifts and talents professionally. “While in school I was very competitive. I won several competitions including a Fantasy Hair Battle. These accomplishments helped me to realize my wild and creative sides in terms of styling hair,” she says.

While going through the ropes of growing as a stylist, Montague was mentored by Janice Jackson Hubert, owner of Royal Essence Beauty Salon in Raleigh. She inspired her and taught her about the industry. “She pushed me and told me move, no matter what I was going through. She continued to pour into me, even after I left her salon”.

What Montague loves most about her profession is that it allows her to connect with her clients. “We are not only providing a service to our clients, we are also listening to them and providing comfort as well. A stylist, I mean a really good and serious stylist knows this,” she says.

In the future, Montague hopes to continue to be self employed as a stylist. She also wants to travel as a platform stylist. She hopes to poor back into her community and be a positive example to those who may be experiencing some of the things she did while growing up. “The best advice I can give someone is to use your gift or you might lose your gift. There is nothing wrong with being different,” she says.

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