Shanayla Sweat

by Terry Watson | November 15th, 2019
Shanayla Sweat

Shanayla Sweat

For the gentleman who take value and pride in having a good timepiece, this one is for you. Shanayla Sweat of Nashville, TN has launched a watch company that is quite unique but very brawn. A Few Wood Men.

Shanayla describes herself as a creative, technology advocate, world traveler, and consultant who is dedicated to serving others through training, education, and representation. She also happens to be the owner and creator of A Few Wood Men. Shanayla has a Master’s in Organizational Leadership, a Bachelor’s in Human Resources and Management, is a Certified ScrumMaster in the technology spectrum.

A Few Wood Men is a wooden watch collection designed and created for Men of Distinction. It was created as a sounding board for black men who are striving to break down barriers, break curses, push boundaries, overcome strongholds, discover strength, come into self-love, and maintain peace while becoming fathers, husbands, leaders, commanders, and pillars within their community.

A Few Wood Men wants black men to remember that they are needed, wanted, are attractive, are desirable, and are worthy.

A Few Wood Men started as early as 2017. “The idea of me selling watches was not a thing until I began to receive random requests for watches through Facebook. A Few Wood Men began as a gift idea for my grandfather. I wanted to provide a gift that had meaning, and I knew that he loved watches. I stumbled upon many models, but it was the wooden watch that stood out. From there, A Few Wood Men was born,” Shanayla says.

A Few Wood Men provides wooden watches and accessories for men. Every watch contains a wooden element, hence the name A Few Wood Men. Their accessories are also unisex and, in most cases, compliment the wooden watches that accompany them.

Shanayla says her inspiration comes from the strong belief of being a lifelong learner and always having the opportunity to grow and expand. “There’s always room for improvement and that is my constant inspiration,” she says. “Furthermore, technology has played a huge role in my development. I absolutely love everything about technology, and It has helped mold my business and it constantly keeps me on my toes. Technology is also an area where I want to see more African Americans dominating as we are drivers for most technology-based products.”

Shanayla says what she loves most about being an entrepreneur is being able to satisfy her customers. “I love to hear customers say how the watches make them feel. I’ve been told our watches make our customers happy and create a feeling of desire,” she says.

In the future, she has plans to scale. “We want to have our products in stores as well as expand our current collection. We want to provide more than wooden watches and accessories, eventually we want to expand to apparel.

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