Shanel Frazier

Jalessa Rogers | May 21st, 2021
Shanel Frazier

Shanel Frazier

Shanel Frazier has an equal love for people and fashion. She is the owner of a fashion line called Wealthy Woman’s Wardrobe, an online boutique designed for the FABULOUS, FEMININE, and FREE Woman!

Currently residing in Houston, TX, Shanel shares her life with her husband Shannon Frazier, and their two teenage sons, Seth and Josiah. In addition to managing Wealthy Woman’s Wardrobe, she serves as a nurse’s aide at a charter school. Shanel and Shannon serve as Pastor and First Lady of Abiding Faith Church of Baytown located in Baytown, TX.

Balancing ministry and working full time is something that comes naturally for Shanel. So, as a means to add new challenges to her life, she decided to launch out into entrepreneurship. “I was not 100% sure I was doing exactly what God had called me to do, so I decided to completely walk into my purpose and launch Wealthy Woman’s Wardrobe,” she says. While her decision has been totally faith-based, the response from her clients has been confirming.

Shanel was born and raised in Edgard, Louisiana, and is the youngest of three children. Once she moved to Houston, she attended the University of Houston. Growing up, Shanel shares she was always a picture person and possessed a genuine love for fashion. “I felt that I had a different style from others. I shopped for neutral colors, and looked for dresses with pockets, sweatsuits and wore plain pieces complimented it all with accessories,” she says. There were a lot of questions about her attire from her family, but she was frequently complimented by other women for her taste of fashion.

Fully embracing her uniqueness and individuality, she decided to start her boutique during the peak of the Covid 19 pandemic. “I wanted to provide clothing options for other women, and even myself. I wanted for me pieces to help people feel fabulous, feminine, and free; that’s exactly how each woman should feel when they put them on.,” she says. In doing so, Shanel offers a comfortable and classy look that is very versatile.

Shanel says her business was developed from doing what she felt her heart and purpose were to do. She considers her style different from most women who serve as First Lady. “Most people are used to seeing them in the big hats and colored suits, but I wanted a style that is opposite of that,” she says. She has the Sassy Collection, which offers more comfortable, loose-fitting clothing for women, and Shop Wealthy Collection, which offers clothing that’s a little more fitting to those who like fitted clothing. “The whole idea of “shopping wealthy” is not about the money, but more so about the character of a person and living the life that God intended for you to live,” she says.

Providing great customer service is especially important for Shanel, considering she handles everything on her own. She wants her customers to feel greatly appreciated and ensure that they are enjoying the products they purchase.

Shanel shares her two inspirations are her sons. “They challenge me to think outside of the box. They are always asking questions. I am fully aware of the impression I have on them. Not only do they do what I say, but they are seeing what I am saying,” she says.

Shanel’s plans for the future are to expand her business and product line. She wants women to walk into their wealthy place and shop wealthy. “I want to give the world what God has given me,” she says. Some advice that Shanel would offer to entrepreneurs in her footsteps is to stay in your lane, do exactly what God has called you to do, and continue to walk in your purpose. “One thing that I’ve learned is to follow the Holy Spirit and let Him guide me to exactly what He has for me,” she says. To shop classy and wealthy, you can visit her website.

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