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Dawn Cauthen-Thornton | July 16th, 2018
Shanna Jannette (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Shanna Jannette (Photos by Still Shots Photography)

Shanna Jannette of Legendary Travel Agency has one question for those who may be thinking about taking a vacation or trip in the near future. Where do you want to go?

In the past, traveling was not always something that Shanna did, at least frequently. Just like many others, she didn’t have a clue as to plan for a vacation outside of the U.S., or even do it while staying within the margins of a budget. That all changed in the spring of 2016 when she decided to go on a vacation. She wasn’t sure where she wanted to go, but she knew she needed to get out of Greensboro for a few days. This led her to do as most people would – jump on the internet and start pricing flights, hotels, and excursions. She also contacted a travel agent to simply answer a few questions she had about planning it.

“In doing my research about booking my own trip, I read information about taking classes to get a certification to be an agent myself.”

Since Shanna was on break from her teaching job, she didn’t waste any time following up on what she had already discovered. She watched videos, did even more online research, and read as much information as she could get her hands on. She learned about different cruises and cruise lines, land vacations, excursions, and even different parts of the world, among other things. It took her approximately three weeks to complete the entire program and she received her certification after passing the final exam.

Her original goal was to simply obtain information on how to book her own trips, but within two weeks of becoming certified, she was building her clientele and seeking out amazing experiences for them. “My first client was a friend who wanted to go to Dominican Republic, so I was excited.” The business quickly grew by word-of-mouth and with the power of social media. Months later she finally booked her first trip to Jamaica, for herself, using the tricks and tips that she learned.
When asked about the benefits of using a travel agent versus self-planning, Shanna admits that the actual findings can be similar, but the experience and cost will most likely vary. “When you use an agent, many vendors (airlines, hotels, etc.) will allow the customer to pay a deposit instead of paying for the entire trip up-front,” Shanna explains. Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars that you may not have initially, sometimes a $200.00 deposit will hold your flight, your lodging, and your ground transportation. That’s enough for the average person to at least explore the possibilities of utilizing an agent.

Shanna doesn’t just plan experiences for singles and couples, she also takes on large groups such as family reunions, girl’s trips, weddings, and countless other scenarios. With large parties, she breaks out her spreadsheets and calculators to keep all travelers on track with their budget and payments.

“One of the biggest hurdles that travelers face when planning trips is the financial aspect. Many travelers may want to plan a really nice trip in advance but are often required to pay the full amount of the trip upfront, or pay a large amount of the cost of the trip in a deposit. That’s not feasible for a lot of travelers,” she says. It is during times like these where the true value of her services are revealed. “There are many benefits to booking with my company as opposed to planning a trip alone. When you use me as a travel agent, major travel vendors (for example American Airlines) allow me the convenience of booking a trip for someone with just a low deposit of $200 per person, no matter the cost of the entire package. Because of this convenience, I am able to book those same trips with a less expensive deposit of $200 per person, with remaining balance not due until 45 days before the departure date. I also have a lot of firsthand insight on many destinations and can help with narrowing down the perfect destination based on the client’s needs, as well as their wants.”

By day, the travel guru is a special education teacher and absolutely loves the impact she makes on her students. Their challenges range from autism to learning delays, to needing mild behavioral guidance. As an undergraduate student, she majored in Exercise and Sports Science and planned on being a physical therapist. While in college, she had the opportunity to work with a young boy who is autistic and is also non-verbal. During her 10-year relationship working with her client, she has been able to teach him to speak, learn light sign language, and even increased his physical movement. She loved this line of work so much, that she tried to figure out how she could combine physical therapy and autism, but seemed to only manage to relate autism to occupational therapy. After thinking long and hard about her future and career, Shanna decided to change her major to occupational therapy so she could follow her new found interest. Unfortunately, she was not accepted to the programs she applied to due to the competitiveness. Following a friend’s suggestion, Shanna slightly switched directions and began teaching children with special needs with “Teach For America”. She was immediately sent to a school in East Harlem, New York where she worked for two years.

“As a part of their program, “Teach For America” helps you pay for graduate school, so I was able to obtain my master’s degree in special education from Fordham University.” Shanna has been teaching with Guilford County Schools for almost three years and admits that it can be very stressful, but the rewards greatly outweigh the stress.

Helping people seems to be at the core of Shanna’s heart. From providing care and guidance to children to helping adults plan trips of a lifetime. Either way you view it, she’s enriching lives for the better.

Legendary Travel Agency’s packages to Jamaica currently, are really popular. Many packages leading into the fall season are under $1,000 per person and include four days, three nights, with flight included. Additionally, packages to Puerto Rico are very popular and reasonable while the island is looking to stimulate their economy and bring more tourists back after the hurricane from last year. She has several four night, three day packages to Pierto Rico priced for $700 or less per person, which also includes flight. There is no passport required to travel to Puerto Rico. And if cruising is more of your speed, Shanna has many cruises leading into the fall months priced between $350 and $500, per person.

Shanna says some of her best experiences has been working with wedding couples. She’s prepared two destination weddings and two honeymoon packages. She takes the burden from the newlyweds by securing hotel accommodations for their guests and ensuring a smooth process by finding the perfect location and resort for their honeymoon.

For more information, please contact Shanna Jennette and Legendary Travel Agency and allow them to assist you with all your traveling and vacationing needs.

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