Shannon Frazier

by Terry Watson | September 20th, 2021
Shannon Frazier

Shannon Frazier

For some, the journey of life can be very unpredictable. Promises are not always fulfilled, and ones’ perception of life can be as isolated and individualized as a fingerprint. For Greensboro, NC native and now Houston, TX resident Shannon Frazier, those details duly describe how life was once like for him.

Today, it is appropriate to greet him as Pastor Shannon Frazier. He is the shepherd called by God to lead the flock of Abiding Faith Church of Baytown, located in Houston. He is also the Founder and CEO of Shannon Frazier Ministries. Not to be stereotyped, Pastor Frazier shares that his heart is set on saving lost souls and advancing the kingdom of God. He is the husband to Shanel Frazier and the father of two sons, Seth and Josiah.

Pastor Frazier grew up in Greensboro, attended North Carolina Central University in Durham, N.C., and majored in Music Education. He later moved to Houston and answered the call of ministry. “I believe that I was called to preach at the age of 14, however at that time, I chose not to respond to the call. As a result, I encountered many unnecessary trials and learned many life lessons that I continue to use today. I am a Black American Pastor that believes in embracing every race, creed, and culture with the love of God. I am a third-generation, extraordinary musician who has traveled worldwide playing the piano with Broadway musicals and various gospel artists. I discovered my passion and love for ministry as I traveled and experienced the different cultures and ethnicities,” he says.

Pastor Frazier grew up as a church musician. He describes himself as ardent and always striving to empowering others. That passion led him to leave the music industry and answer the call to pastor. “I love seeing people healed in every area of their life. My love for people keeps me excited and continues to challenge me to give more. I believe in maintaining a positive mindset and watching how that creates a positive life.”

Leading anything in life can be pretty daunting. To be an effective leader, one must be tried and tested. Pastor Frazier has been. “I remember when we first started our ministry, we were young and excited and full of zeal. We had very little knowledge of what we were doing. It was 2012, and God knew that we would really need help. We were setting up and breaking down chairs in a daycare center each week, and many times the only attendees would be my family. We prayed and believed God and trusted that we would have our own building. We also believed that more people would see the vision and help us bring that vision to life. One day, I heard God tell me to take a CD of me teaching to a barbershop. Out of obedience, I gave the CD to the lead barber and told him that God told me to bring this to him. He played the CD in the barbershop the next day, while a pastor of another church just so happened to be there. He heard the teaching and immediately told the barber to get in touch with me. After a few times of that pastor and I connecting and talking, he shared with me that God told him to give me his church. Naturally, I was shocked, and we both began to pray. I was then led to visit the church, and to my surprise, it was grand in structure, a 15,000 square foot building and sitting on ten acres of land. The pastor handed me the keys to the property, all while God was blowing my mind. We prayed and believed for God to show up, but we had no idea that He would show up like that. We went from setting up and breaking down chairs for one year and three months to having a fully furnished building with over 50 active members. Having faith in God and believing when faced with doubt is how we overcame,” he shares.

Now that his position has clearly been defined, Pastor Frazier has set his sights on leading Abiding Faith Church of Baytown into the direction that God desires. One of his personal goals is to stay connected to Jesus and allow Him to teach him and show him how to continue to walk by faith and defy the odds. “One goal that we have at AFC is to connect with the city of Baytown and provide assistance for students in our community who may be behind in school because of the Covid 19 pandemic. I understand that many children need tutoring and assistance, and we are actively putting together a plan to hire teachers to create an online help center as well as using our facility for in-person learning,” Pastor Frazier shares.

The future looks bright for Abiding Faith Church of Baytown. Having a leader chasing after God’s heart and being committed to serving others is obviously what God had in mind when He chose Pastor Frazier as its leader. This shows that when you are obedient to what God calls you to do, He will make provisions to see it through. To learn more about Pastor Shannon Frazier and Abiding Faith Church of Baytown, please visit their website.

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