Shaunesi Melvin

by Terry Watson | October 23rd, 2012

Shaunesi Melvin (Photo by Shaunesi Melvin)

Shaunesi Melvin was a domestic violence victim, wife of a professional European basketball player, and single mother who is constantly fighting for justice. Shaunesi Melvin no longer exists, SHAUNESI does however. She is a woman determined to empower single mothers and women to find self worth and inner strength. Her goals are to help them deal with life after adversity has gotten the best of them. She is the voice and face of Women Wear Pants Too Inc.

Women Wear Pants Too Inc. ™ is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization enriching the lives of women, single mother’s and domestic violence survivors. Founded in 2010, his foundation promotes Women’s Enrichment within the community. “We will directly connect with Women, Single Mother’s, and Domestic Violence Survivors in a positive way to impact their lives, and the people’s lives around them,” she says.

Their mission is to enrich women to value, pursue, and complete their goals despite life’s setbacks. “We seek to empower, motivate, and enrich women, in order to build a stronger community, as well as strive to build life time relationships within the community and world,” says Melvin. WWPT typical clients are women and children of the Raleigh-Durham communities and worldwide.

Melvin says her inspirations are her past. A reminder of where she shouldn’t be helped her to gain clarity on where she need to be. Her daughters she says are a constant reminder of why she has to remain strong. She is also inspired by Mariangela Del Piano, who Melvin describes as a “God sent best friend”.

WWPT will conduct their annual “Feeding Families in Need” Thanksgiving drive this year. They will partner with The Durham Volunteer Center in efforts to feed families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

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