Sheka Johnson

Teyah Glenn | May 21st, 2021
Sheka Johnson (Photos by Collier Photography)

Sheka Johnson (Photos by Collier Photography)

For some, life can often get off to a fast start. There may be plans in place, and dreams are just beginning to be acted upon when things suddenly change and what was once important, is moved further down our list of priorities. This is just the kind of narrative that Sheka Johnson has experienced.

As a teenager, the Charlotte, N.C. native looked up to her grandfather for encouragement and direction. She says he taught her how to look for certain summer jobs and to not settle for the ones that teenagers typically get. By doing so, at the age of fourteen she served as an assistant at City Hall, helping people in Uptown Charlotte with different city projects. Within this position, Sheka learned how to manage a business and the basic functions of running one. The information she obtained in this role would eventually pay dividends for her later in life.

Sheka finished high school and set her sights on obtaining a degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. As life would happen, within three years into pursuing her degree in Business Management, she became pregnant and decided to step away from school so that she could prepare to be a new mom.

After having her first child at the age of 20, Sheka entered the world of entrepreneurship. “Being a single, young mother is what pushed me. I didn’t have a backup plan. I wanted to spend as much time with my child as possible, but I needed to be able to afford that experience. Being a business owner seemed like the best avenue for me to take,” she says.

Her first stint was with bail bonding, and next she opened a childcare center. “I enjoyed working with children, and opening the childcare center allowed me to make money and take care of my child while doing so,” she says. Her next move was to attend nursing school, where she acquired her degree and became a Licensed Practical Nurse. With that accomplishment under her belt, she opened a home health care business which has been in operation for nine years.

With her home healthcare business, Sheka says it all about helping her clients, many of whom are senior citizens and disabled individuals. “Because I am the owner of a home healthcare business, I am able to hire qualified professionals, ensuring that the needs of my clients are met,” she says.

With all the things Sheka has ongoing, she still finds the time to do even more. Her newest venture is High Status Consulting LLC. With this, her goal is offer and provide consulting and coaching services to existing and aspiring entrepreneurs. Her services are designed to help them either get their business off the ground or assist them with making their business operate more efficient by identifying bottlenecks and waste, and areas where opportunities to grow exist. She also offers talent management services.

There are many perks with being an entrepreneur and Sheka’s favorites are financial freedom and having free time to spend with her family. She also enjoys meeting people.

“My intention is to impact every life that I am privileged to meet,” she says. “I genuinely love helping others achieve their dreams. Many people I meet are often at a place where they are thinking about giving up on their business. I help to redirect that type of thinking into something positive and show them how to make their business work. With entrepreneurship you can’t give up, you have to stay with it,” Sheka says.

Just as there are many perks that come with entrepreneurship, there are some challenges that come with it as well. For Sheka, she says the Covid 19 pandemic forced her to find ways to stay in operation. “I had to find adequate staffing, which was difficult because many people were not interested in working because of the pandemic,” she says. Still, she pushed on and was able to keep going.

Her drive and determination has been passed down to her daughters, both who are entrepreneurs owning the beauty company, Chosen 1 Studio, and Drilled by K. Sheka serves as mom and business coach to her daughters and navigates them through the world of business, using the experience and knowledge she has already obtained.

Sheka’s goals for the future is to mentor and coach young black entrepreneurs. “Even if they don’t want to own a business, I want them to know that they should still have some type of entrepreneurship. I want to let the youth know that there’s a difference between being a business owner and being an entrepreneur. I want to expand my online presence as well,” she says. “Normalizing black wealth is my ultimate goal.”

A piece of advice that Sheka would offer to others who follow in her footsteps would be to stay passionate about your business, and never give up. “You should only take advice from those who have traveled in the same path that you are seeking to go in,” she says.

If you are an entrepreneur and in need of business coaching services, contact Sheka with High Status Consulting. She might just have the answers to help you get your business to the next level.

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