Shmeka Gibson

Teyah Glenn | March 22nd, 2021
Shmeka Gibson

Shmeka Gibson

People who have innate abilities are bred with special qualities. These qualities can help them become successful in their career or life. Shmeka Gibson and Innate Success Corp. focus is to bring out their clients’ natural talents, because being special is not for the ordinary.

Located in Memphis, TN, Innate Success Corp. provides a variety of business options, tools and resources needed to develop business owners, organize business practices, enhance the leader traits in individuals, and promote potential business leaders. Innate Success core services also gives guidance and writes grants for companies allowing them to potentially have funds for future projects.

Innate Success core service provides sustainable advice and business models for companies. Other aspects include data analysis, a virtual learning site and personal/professional development workshops that help the clients build a stronger foundation. Many of the services are offered through contracts or a paid membership through the virtual learning site. In sense, they are planting seeds for companies to grow, and not just for the companies that can afford it.

Shmeka is a strong advocate for the community and offer many opportunities for individuals looking to start a business or enhance a skillset. She offers a business mentorship program for start-up and grassroot businesses to receive organizational and program development. Gibson also has her own radio show called “Mindset Shift” which airs on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am, EST. As a writer, she has authored three books based on a model she created called Changing the Mindset©. This model applies Psychology principles to help people alter their behaviors to change their behavior. Her business is centered around the Changing the Mindset© concept.

Shmeka believes that everyone deserves to have a chance to be great, mainly because she was given one as well. Before Innate Success Corp. (previously known as SG Consulting and data started in 2018) was re-branded and launched in 2021, Shmeka was on a journey to finding her own innate gifts. Her career began with her working in social services, 17 years ago. However, at that time in her life, she felt it was time to change. “I’m going through the data piece. I’m going through processes and systems, and then, that’s when I decided to change my degree from counseling to industrial organizational psychology.” exclaimed Shmeka while working for a company before her own.

Gibson worked for many companies that enhanced her skills and pushed her to the fullest potential. She always had a skillset in data base management and processing systems, but those skills were nurtured and enhance through her professional experiences.

Through life, she experienced relationship shifts and business trail and errors, but she was not determined to give up.

Things took off fast. One of her published books in her Changing the Mindset©. trilogy would give her the break of her life. “Probably about a month later, I did a story with a local magazine here in Memphis. They were asking me questions about my consulting business and grant writing and wanted to know how businesses become sustainable. That magazine article was a success and from that moment, I went from making $30,000 annually to booking $30,000 contracts,” she says. From those contracts she supported organizations with applying for emergency relief funds and non-profit grants. Those opportunities helped her, and her staff stay employed during the pandemic and to sustain her business. Donations poured in for the mentorship program which allowed Innate Success to offer free services to 20 businesses worldwide to help their business also stay sustainable. Gibson also donated to other non-profits during the pandemic. Therefore, the community so strongly resonates with her. From her family, friends, and constituents in the community, Shmeka has been supported along the way. From mentoring workshops to almost finishing the final Changing the Mindset© book, she intends to return that love by helping clients and communities be their best selves. In the pages of her legacy, she hopes that it is written that her focus is not only about success, but how she got there and helped other people.

“When I leave this earth, I want people to say that Shmeka creates opportunities for other people. Shmeka made sure she brought out the best in you, and excellence was always, always the standard when you interacted with Shmeka,” she says.

Considering this, Shmeka also loves to give people joy. In the meantime, she will continue to pour into the lives of others and serve her community, with a heart of joy.

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