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by Terry Watson | March 17th, 2017
Natavia Knight and Toressa Poole (Photos by Mykel Media Company, LLC)

Natavia Knight and Toressa Poole (Photos by Mykel Media Company, LLC)

Natavia Knight and Toressa Poole have enjoyed a lifetime of friendship. They became acquainted quite in their lives during elementary school. Throughout the years a sisterhood was formed and now they have become business partners as they co-manage, Shop Sidity, an online clothing boutique.

“There has always been a mutual strive for success and wanting more out of life than a typical nine to five,” they explain. Before transitioning to business owners, they both earned degrees to further their education. Natavia obtained a bachelor’s of arts in health communication from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Toressa received a pharmacy technician degree from Brookstone College of Business. Although earning degrees was a big accomplishment, the entrepreneurial business seemed to still be a goal.

The idea came to them one day while grieving over the loss of Toressa’s grandmother. They realized that the time off offered at “regular” jobs was just not enough time in situations such as bereavement. Even more they pondered over thoughts of being their own boss. The brainstorming began over a few months and Shop Sidity was born in 2015.

Shop Sidity is an online boutique that offers men and women t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, hats, and hoodies. Their men’s line, Kingz Korner, was added to the shop after noticing the demand for products. “Our Shop Sidity logo stands for successful, classy women living in style. The lips were inspired from our childhood because our lips stayed “poppin” and anyone that knows us can definitely attest to that,” they explained.

The “Kingz Korner” logo is targeted for all men who are and carry themselves as a “boss” and are determined to be successful. The chess piece represents men being kings and dominating their goals. Even more, the duo says every queen needs a king in their “korner”.

The profound motivation and support given throughout their journey has been surreal and appreciated. Their family and friends and especially their two beautiful daughters, Kalayah and Nylah, has made the effort well worth it. “We want to set an example and show our girls that as black women we can achieve anything as long as we have faith in God and believe in ourselves, it shall be granted upon His will,” they said.

Shop Sidity has given Toressa and Natavia an outlet to express themselves through the color schemes they use and the types of products they sell. Coming in the spring of 2017, Shop Sidity will be adding a new array of attire for women along with accessories to complement each piece

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