Simone Coleman

by Terry Watson | September 15th, 2020
Simone Coleman

Simone Coleman

Simone Coleman of Nashville, TN is a pet sitter and a natural lover of animals. She is also someone who is best described as “the not so average girl next door”. Her vivacious personality and appeal compliment her personality, skills that assist her with operating her business, Petrospect Pet Sitting Services.

After a career with the NBA and working for the Philadelphia 76ers and Miami Heat franchise’s by providing season ticket sales, Simone relocated back to Middle Tennessee. Soon her love for animals and pets in particular would play a huge role in her life.

In so many words, Simone is a pet sitter. With something that initially began as a “side hustle” she turned into a serious operation. With her business Petrospect, Simone specializes in caring for larger breed dogs and those that may have a sense of separation anxiety. Some of the services she offers are In Home – Boarding (at the pet sitter’s home), In Home – Daycare, Housesitting, Drop-in Visits, Dog Park Visits, Dog Walks, Pet Photography, and Urgent/ On Call Pet sitting.

The idea of Petrospect came in 2018, after someone asked Simone to pet sit. “It was an interesting idea,” she says. Soon she began accepting clients on a part time basis using the Rover app platform. Over the following two years, the feedback and encouragement from client testimonials, including how satisfied and pleased they were with her services, took Simone’s personal confidence to new heights. And so Petrospect was born.

In September of 2019, Simone officially licensed her business as Petrospect, and established it on a platform of providing pet sitting services from her home. She then created a logo, developed a brand, and launched an advertising campaign online through social media. “Things really began to take off,” she shares.

As fate would have it, Simone would soon face some adversity with her business with the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic. “I thought I would never see a dog again, mainly because my business was based on people working away from their home, or when they traveled. Those things were immediately halted. Still I overcame the Covid 19 pandemic and decided to get my company bonded and insured so that I had the necessary credentials for business. After doing all of that I decided to take my business full time,” she shares.

For any business to be successful, there must be a genuine love for it. In Simone’s case, her love is centered around caring for animals and providing her clients with great service. “My clients pets provide me with a second dose of mental health therapy outside of my regular therapy sessions. I’m able to not only provide a service to my clients with exceptional pet care, but I provide myself with the service of unconditional love from pets, every single day. Pets who are dealing with separation anxiety are another reason I love what I do, because I’ve learned through my own mental health therapy that separation anxiety in pets is the exact same as loneliness in humans. I do this full time, which means I’m at home enough during the day to provide less loneliness for myself and my clients pets. Even more, as a mental health advocate, I understand and appreciate the value of the services I offer. I am a three time suicide attempt survivor, and most of my clients don’t even know that a day with their pet, is a day that I am less depressed, and is a day that I have less to zero suicidal ideation. It’s a win, win situation all the way around,” she

Being an entrepreneur and having the ability to work full time from home has its perks. “I love being an entrepreneur because I love seeing money made by a brand, a service, and a smile that are of my very own. I love the fact that I’m an anomaly in the pet care industry as well. I am a female, and black. Statistically, blacks are currently rare in providing pet care services, and people, like myself get to be some of the groundbreaking entrepreneurs to show that the future is abundant in equality for pet care providers,” she shares.

For others who may be thinking of starting a business, Simone offers some advice. “Seek a therapist. When starting a business of any sort, if you have access to a therapist, utilize it. Talk to someone that has no connection to your life so that you can focus and allow them to provide you with nonjudgmental feedback. You must also study your trade. I once thought I was not going to pet sit full time. I started researching the top market in Nashville which is real estate. One might think, what does this have to do with pet sitting. Well, I learned that in the Nashville area, more people were moving in with pets than having children. After learning this, it helped to boost my confidence tremendously and I realized that I could prosper in the Nashville area. And finally, please hire an accountant!”

Moving forward, Simone hopes to continue providing a more boutique style of in-home pet care for years to come. Furthermore, she’s looking to implement a future endeavor that would incorporate pets in more lives of those with mental health issues. Contact Petrospect Pet Sitting Services today for all your pet sitting needs.

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